Thinking Of Making An Employee Training Video? Make Sure It Has These Essentials

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Did you know video can now be used as an effective tool to supplement employee training programs? Training VideoThis idea, in fact, isn’t a new one! So, why isn’t this tool used as it should by the corporate sector?

Why does upper management still insist on traveling miles just to show their face at an on-site training session?

The answer depends on each organization. However, in most cases, training can be done through video as opposed to live training.

Improve The On-boarding Process

Every new hire requires at least some time to adjust and get up to speed with your business’s operation. It really doesn’t matter if they have years of prior experience or knowledge of your industry! Yes, no two positions are the same, nor will they require the same on-boarding process; yet a high-level welcome video on the company will make the on-boarding process more manageable.

Increase Availability Of Basic Skills

Every organization does things its own way, from booking conference rooms and scheduling meetings, to signing emails and making conference calls. These are skills that your new employees will pick up; however, it will take time!

Consider a training video that orients new hires on these skills and ways of doing things.

Show Employees How Your Products And Services Work

The different departments in your company may not understand a product you sell in the same way. Some may understand the technology, while others are experts in how to market it, but they should all have the same basic understanding of the product. Furthermore, you may have some employees who can’t accurately describe how customers make use of your services and products, or how it’s different from your competitor’s! Produce a video specifically for new hires so that no matter their department, they are knowledgeable on the points you wish them to be.

Bring Improvements To Your Sales Team

Your sales staff will be the busiest part of the organization–by default. So it’s quite possible that important information is lost in the shuffle of new business calls, client visits and much more. A new-hire training video can be leveraged by your sales team. You can use much of the same footage and interviews to edit a version of the video for the sales team to use.

Training videos will provide a welcome advantage for boosting on-boarding, enhancing communications, and connecting with and attracting new prospects and clients.

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