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Viral status is the holy grail of video marketing efforts. When people like your video enough to share it with their friends or colleagues, who then share it with their friends or colleagues, your video takes on a life of its own. Viral videos reach an exponentially larger audience, earning you an exponentially larger return on your marketing investment.

Branded videos go viral for many reasons; everything from the message to the music and on-camera talent to current trends and what’s happening in pop culture affects how well the video connects with the viewers. All of these elements need to be taken into consideration when crafting a viral video.

Work with an award-winning company like 336 Productions to create potentially viral videos that thrill your audiences and drive more sales. For almost two decades, we’ve been considered Orange County’s top video production company. We’re seasoned professionals with a proven track record of producing high-performing, creative video content across new and traditional channels.

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336 Productions is a one-stop shop for your viral video production needs. We can manage everything from conceptualization to scripting, casting, filming, and editing. We’re also able to offer a range of exciting services, such as aerial and green screen filming, visual effects, 2D/3D animation, and more that can be leveraged when producing a modern viral video.

We’ve been awarded dozens of times for our work and have partnered with some of the leading global brands over the course of 15+ years. Expect highly engaging, share-worthy videos that deliver robust business outcomes when you work with us.

At 336 Productions, we do everything we can to make the production process a fun and accessible experience for you, including accommodating flexible workflow requests and payment terms.

Feel free to browse some of the other video services we provide in addition to branded viral video production:

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Potential Types of Viral Videos

All kinds of videos have the potential to go viral. But the common denominator tends to be videos that are hilariously funny, super unique, exceptionally creative, or speak to a truth that isn’t otherwise talked about. When a viral video carries promotional content for your brand, it’ll take your brand value and awareness up with it.

  1. Social Media Videos: Social media is often the primary choice to launch branded viral videos. After all, social media is right where most people will share it. It’s worth taking into account the differences between different social platforms. Video consumption doesn’t necessarily work the same way across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Producing or editing a video to better suit the mechanics of each platform will help increase organic shares for native viewers.
  2. Product Videos: Viral video production for company products is a common tactic to try and increase leads or boost sales. This is typically done to promote consumer products, especially recently launched ones, to try and make a big splash before audiences become familiar with the product.
  3. Ad Spots: Sometimes, your video’s first touchpoint with audiences is an ad or commercial. Whether it’s shown at the Super Bowl halftime show or as an in-stream ad on YouTube, it has a chance to impress viewers and go viral. As ad spots, viral videos help you reach a wider audience and broaden your customer base.
  4. Brand Videos: Branded viral videos help you showcase your brand’s attributes. Typically, these videos will have one focus message that is used to craft a catchy narrative. Incidentally, virality is a great way to level the playing field, helping smaller brands to compete with larger ones on the back of organic publicity.

Quality viral video production can put your company and brand on the map. Check out our portfolio to see examples of high-impact social media and promotional videos. Here are some of the results our work has achieved for our clients:

  • Expanded Reach
  • Word-of-Mouth Popularity
  • Higher Leads
  • Increased Sales
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Increased Organic Traffic
  • Higher Search Ranking
  • Higher On-Page Dwell-Time

Browse our testimonials to see customer feedback on our work. Schedule a personalized consultation with 336 Productions to see how our branded viral video services can accelerate business growth for you.

See Consistently Better ROI With Video

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Whether or not your video goes viral, it will certainly be a better investment than any other form of content you can think of.

According to a survey by HubSpot, video has the best ROI of any form of content. A study by Animoto found that 72% of businesses saw increased conversion rates by using video. And it’s not just businesses; customers too are clamoring for more video. Parallel studies by both HubSpot and Oberlo reveal that 54% and 91% of consumers, respectively, want to see more videos from brands.

Produce top-tier branded viral videos with video production experts in southern California. Call 336 Productions.

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