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Post-production is the last step in the video-making process. On a live-action project, it starts once all the footage is “in the can.” It involves a series of steps that are taken to edit, enhance, and finalize the visual and audio components of the video, including color correction, sound design, and special effects.

When you outsource video editing and other post-production video services to 336 Productions, your project will be in capable hands. Our team’s cutting-edge video equipment and keen understanding of emerging industry trends will set you apart from your competition. Typically, we take projects from concept to completion, but there are often times when we are given footage and we only handle the post-production part of a project.

With over 15 years of experience and more than a dozen industry awards providing high-quality post-production and editing services to companies, our video production experts are leaders in the industry. We’re an OC video vendor trusted by the world’s top brands to produce their branded video content. Work with a highly collaborative and communicative team delivering top-tier post-production video services with short turnaround times.

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Our Post-Production Video Services

The quality of your video’s post-production services can either make or break your branded video. Outsourcing your video editing and other post-production services to 336 Productions guarantees your project will be in the hands of video experts who are extremely passionate about the outcome of their clients’ projects. Partner with 336 Productions today to gain access to the world-class editing, color grading, and audio services that make us the top video production company in Orange County.

HD Editing

  • Outsource your video’s post-production to services by 336 Productions for access to second to none editors and cutting-edge video editing software, technologies, and expertise
  • For video reviews, our video agency uses a private online portal so your team can provide feedback in a easy, organized manner

Color Grading

  • Color grading is a powerful stylistic service that can change the entire look of your video and develop a visual tone
  • Great color grading can make your video appear more professional and visually attractive, but poor color grading can have the opposite effect
  • When you outsource post-production video editing for your brand to 336 Productions, you’re investing in top-quality color grading services by leading industry experts


  • Motion graphics are a type of animation for presenting information or ideas in a creative and memorable way
  • 336 Productions offers 2D and 3D motion-graphic services
  • Uniquely designed and branded graphics can elevate the production value of a project
  • Eye-catching animations can captivate viewers
  • Our team’s motion graphics expertise allow you to effectively inform and communicate with customers in a way that’s unique to your brand
  • We can help you decide which type of animation works best for the purposes of your brand, and help you develop a unique animation style that speaks to your target audience and accurately represents your brand

Special Effects

  • Well-executed special effects can help engage and entertain your audiences
  • Professional-grade post-production video services provides higher quality and more impressive special effects

Sound Design

  • This involves mixing and mastering audio tracks to ensure a consistent and high-quality sound
  • Seamlessly mix music and sound effects to create an atmosphere for your video that embodies your brand

Music Licensing

  • Choosing the right music for your corporate video is essential
  • The right song can help draw in your target audience and set the tone for your video
  • For many businesses, finding and procuring the rights to the perfect song for their video can be a challenge
  • 336 Productions can help you identify the right song for your video and take care of music licensing

Green Screen

  • In video production, keying and compositing is essential for visual effects and replacing backgrounds, including green screen technology
  • Poorly-executed keying in video editing can make videos appear less professional

Video Compression and Delivery

  • Compressing your video can help you eliminate the amount of space you need to store it and stream it
  • This frees up space on your computer or servers, and makes it easier to transfer and share
  • Certain video compression types can help create a higher-quality video
  • Depending on the usage of your video, 336 Productions will deliver your project with the right specs
  • We can help explore your options and make the best decision to deliver your video to its audience

Promote Your Brand with Our Premium Post-Production Video Services

If you’re looking for a reliable video production company for you to outsource editing for your brand’s next video project, start with 336 Productions. Our award-winning video editing services and fast turnaround time make us the top video production company in Orange County.

Our team of expert videographers can help you level up your marketing game by creating memorable, high-quality videos that will open new doors for your business.

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