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There are three phases of the video-making process: pre-production, production, and post-production. Pre-production is the planning stage where the creative and logistical aspects of the video are developed. These aspects include:

  • Strategy consultation
  • Creative ideation or brainstorming
  • Concept development
  • Script Writing
  • Storyboarding
  • Casting
  • Location sourcing, scouting, and management
  • Pre-production document preparation (permits, shots lists, shooting schedules, call sheets, releases)

A well-planned pre-production process significantly impacts the quality of the finished video. Developing a video concept, writing a strong script, and sourcing the right people to work on your project are key components of your video’s overall success. To ensure your corporate video is delivered on time, within budget, and has a high ROI, it’s critical that pre-production is handled by detail-oriented production professionals.

As leaders in video production, our team of award-winning professionals can provide pre-production video services for your business from the very beginning of the video-making process. From idea generation to logistics, to hiring cast and crew, 336 Productions can make your vision a reality.

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Our Video Pre-Production Services

Good practices during the pre-production phase of your video can help lay a solid groundwork for your entire project. Our team has the experience necessary to help efficiently budget, plan, and execute your brand’s videos. Our pre-production video services streamline the process, so you don’t have to sweat any details. Our team members are on the cutting edge of industry trends and technology, so you can rest assured your marketing videos are being planned with best practices. Here are the top pre-production services that we provide as part of the video-making process.

Concept Development

  • A solid concept is the starting point for a strong corporate video
  • 336 Productions’ video-making services can help you take your video ideas and transform them into a fully-realized, viable concept

Script Writing

  • Hire our team of experienced video production experts to write a winning script for your next marketing video
  • We know how to craft a script that is innovative and engaging, and that speaks directly to your target audience

Location Scouting

  • Finding the right location to film a video for your business can be a challenge, and is a key element to your video’s pre-production process
  • Our team of expert producers can help you identify the perfect place to shoot a high-quality video for your business, on your budget
  • If a permit is required, our video agency will obtain the appropriate permissions

Tech Scouting

  • The director and cinematographer will scout the shoot location to assess it both technically and creatively

Production Logistics

  • From scheduling to transporting equipment, our video-making services have you covered on production logistics
  • This helps prevent delays in production, ensuring the fastest turnaround time possible


  • Finding the right cast to feature your project is key to producing a good corporate video
  • Our video production professionals are casting experts who can help you find the right cast to bring your video life

Crew and Talent Releases

  • Once the right talent and crew for your project have been identified, we can take care of the releases and contracting for you

Crew Assembly

  • We’ll make sure you have the appropriate crew members working on your project
  • Every one of our crew members are outstanding in their areas of discipline

Art Department

  • If your marketing videos require sets to be built, production design, props, decor, makeup, or specialty wardrobe, we will make sure we’ve done the work in pre-production so everything goes off without a hitch in production


  • Creating a thorough, realistic budget and sticking to it is key to investing in your business’s future
  • Because the 336 Productions team is very familiar with every element of video production process, we will create an efficient budget for your project
  • Once we’ve established a budget that works for your business, 336 Productions will stick to it


  • Storyboards are key to video pre-production for visualizing the final version of your video
  • Our video-making services can include drafting high-quality storyboards that will make the production process easier, and give you more control over the finished project

Pre-Production Document Preparation

  • From creating call-sheets to shot lists and shooting schedules, 336 Productions has you covered when it comes to preparing production documents essential to your project

Trust Our Award-Winning Pre-Production Services for Your Marketing Videos

Our highly motivated team of video production experts are well-versed in every element of the video production process. When you partner with 336 Productions to guide you through the pre-production process for your video, you’ll be part of a creative, highly communicative team of professionals who are dedicated to helping you achieve the highest possible return on your business investment.

Want to learn about our top-tier video-making services that can help you create engaging, effective marketing videos? Read our testimonials and browse our portfolio of finished work to see how 336 Productions has helped other businesses take their brand to the next level.

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