Customers no longer want elaborate marketing content that sells half-truths and unreliable information for the sake of making sales. They’d rather have a brand that owns up to their faults and mistakes or talks openly about their struggles.

But how do you be more authentic without trying too hard and pushing your customers away altogether? You’ll be surprised at how effective it is for a brand to create content that not only feels real but truly does remain authentic. Here are some tips to remember:

Know your own brand voice, image, and values

Before you reach out to an audience, it’s important for you to know your own brand voice, values, and image. When you’re clear on the kind of image you want to put out to the world and how you want to connect with your audience, it’s easier to tailor your content to them. Your audience wants to invest in and support a brand that it believes in, whose mission and vision they can get behind, and whose social presence appeals to them—so give them that.

Don’t recycle and regurgitate overdone content

Don’t take and rehash old content, follow repetitive and redundant trends, or rip-off others’ content. Invest in creating original, unique content, even if it’s not as frequent.

Quality supersedes quantity any day, and you should develop original material including tone, subject, titles, concepts, and more. Nobody is interested in old news or seeing multiple brands repeat the same tactic, whether it’s following a social media challenge/trend or its repetitive visuals.

Look at customers, not just trends and platforms

Again, create content that’s meant for your audience, not for SERP rankings and algorithm success. Your content should appeal to emotions, experiences, and the needs and wants of your audience rather than solely focus on what helps you get better stats. Keyword use, generic or highly specialized technical content, lack of flow, the absence of meaningful information can cause a disconnect and may seem disingenuous to readers. Focus on making content that draws them in rather than repels them.


Feature honest and inspiring stories and anecdotes

While all your content, whether it’s video, textual, image-based, should have a story to it, it helps even more to take real stories of your employees, customers, and audiences. Feature case studies, testimonials, reviews, repost their images, and other types of user-generated and centered material to your platforms for more authentic, relatable content.

You can work with our Riverside video production company to create various kinds of marketing content, be it trade show videos, or event videos, for your brand. Our team of talented professionals and creatives will help you execute the most authentic, engaging, and unique content. Reach out to us to learn more.

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