Corporate Event Videos

Event videos are powerful ways to maximize the promotional reach of company events. They offer an immersive recap for those unable to attend, extending the experience beyond the physical venue. Furthermore, they are instrumental in generating anticipation for forthcoming events.

Let’s say you’re participating in an event rather than hosting one, as a participating company with an opportunity to present high-quality brand or explainer videos, you can significantly invigorate your audience, creating an unforgettable impression.

Event video marketing often provides excellent investment returns. As an organizer, it gives your event a second life by keeping the buzz going long after the event itself is over. As a participant or presenter, videos can be exponentially more engaging than a standard presentation deck filled with text or images.

Example Events to Consider Video Coverage For

1. Trade Shows
2. Charity Events
3. Holiday Parties
4. Industry Conventions
5. Special Events

6. Panel Discussions
7. Conferences
8. Product Launches
9. Award Ceremonies
10. Training Workshops

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An Award-Winning Video Production Company

Embrace the expertise of 336 Productions, a full-service agency that manages your video production process from conception to completion. As seasoned event videographers, we possess a wealth of experience in capturing the most impactful, share-worthy moments of your event while maintaining a subtle presence that doesn’t interrupt your attendees’ experience.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, including drones and camera stabilizers, ensures your event is covered from all angles to create a dynamic and engaging corporate event video. Moreover, we maintain the requisite insurance policies, including workers’ compensation and drone coverage, which are essential for most venues, providing you peace of mind.

Understanding your objectives is paramount for us. Once we’ve gathered your vision, we leap into action, crafting an outstanding video asset that surpasses expectations and delivers tangible results. Our production process is characterized by seamless collaboration and adaptability, accommodating flexible workflow requests and expedited deadlines without compromising quality.

We also assist in securing film permits when necessary, ensuring a smooth and unimpeded shooting process. And to make things more comfortable for you, we provide flexible payment terms for your project. Trust in 336 Productions for your event video marketing needs and transform your event into a captivating video narrative.

Enjoy Full Video Production Services

Work with seasoned professionals at an award-winning video production company in Orange County. Some of the biggest companies in California and the U.S. depend on us for top-notch videography.

Here are some of the other services we offer in addition to corporate event video production:

  • Marketing Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Brand Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Case Study Videos
  • B2B Videos
  • Company Videos
  • Commercials
  • Infomercials
  • Internal Communications
  • Promotional Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Product Demos
  • Sales Videos

How Videos Can Make Your Event a Success

Videos are a very versatile tool that can help you level up your event or your presence at one. Here are some of the ways you can leverage video marketing at your event:

  1. Pre-Event Videos: You can use corporate event videos to generate buzz about an upcoming event and your participation in it. It’s a great way to let potential customers and partners know that you’ll be sharing useful insights on the day and that they can connect with you in person.
  2. Presentation Videos: If you have a speaking opportunity, a well-produced video can help set the tone for your talk or really drive home your value proposition. This can be either a product demo, testimonial video, or corporate brand video for the event. A powerful presentation can lead to increased leads and revenue and improve the ROI of your event participation.
  3. Promotional Videos: If you’ve been allocated a booth or signed up as an event sponsor, a punchy promo video can slot in really well to help you attract potential customers. You can showcase it on your booth screens or during the ‘ad’ slots in between presentations.
  4. Event Highlights Videos: These videos are a recap of your corporate event. These are shot by specialist videographers during the event and edited later into well-produced compilations of the occasion. As an organizer, a highlight video promoted across social channels can engage both attendees and non-attendees and inspire more to sign up for your next event. It can also serve as a pre-event video for the next occasion and help you attract a larger audience.

Here are just some of the results our corporate event video services have achieved for our clients:

  • Improved Audience Engagement
  • Increased Booth Approaches
  • Increased Leads
  • Higher Sales
  • Greater Revenue
  • Improved Online Engagement
  • Increased Word-Of-Mouth Publicity
  • Improved Event Attendance

Read about our clients’ experiences in our testimonials or browse through some of our work. Reach out to us for a consultation to see how we can achieve these results for your company.

Video Is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Video is hands-down the best, most easily-accessible format available to you as a marketer.

Consider that in a study by Wyzowl, 84% of people indicated that they have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video. The same study also shows that 90% of marketers were able to generate increased leads through video. And in a survey by Animoto, 72% of businesses said they were able to increase their conversion rates using video.

Add to your lead pipeline and boost your event marketing ROI with our video production services. Schedule a consultation today!

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