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Infomercials are an ideal combination of commercials and educational videos that help you impart knowledge while promoting your product or service to an audience. They’re often used to demonstrate consumer products in an entertaining fashion, while closely resembling the format of traditional TV programming.

Partner with an award-winning infomercial company to create high-quality videos that engage your audiences and boost sales while complying with federal regulations. 336 Productions is a full-service video production studio with a long track record of producing impactful promotional content. Whether you’d like to beam your infomercials on TV or online streaming platforms, we’ve got you covered with tailored video assets for your business.

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336 Productions is a full-service studio, able to execute your video needs end-to-end. Whether you need our services for end-to-end video creation or just for post-productions, we can help you by delivering a polished, stream-ready infomercial.

Our clients have come to expect outstanding results when they work with us. We’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading brands to help them increase sales, leads, and reach. We’ve been awarded over two dozen times in recognition of our outstanding video content.

Experience a simple, smooth, and fun production process when you collaborate with an infomercial company like 336 Productions. We’re committed to ensuring you’re happy with the outcome, and we’re happy to facilitate adjusted payment schedules as well as flexible workflow requests to make it a more customized process for you.

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Benefits of Producing Infomercials

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The key to the popularity of infomercials is their ability to keep audiences tuned in to what is essentially a long-form advertisement. Infomercials can help your company present your product or service in an entertaining format, often one that mimics the regular programming that your viewers are watching. Importantly, they feature toll-free phone numbers that viewers call into to buy the product. Here are some of the different types of infomercials, or segments to include in your infomercial, that we’re able to produce for you:

  1. Product Demos: In-depth product demonstrations are among the most popular infomercials around. It’s a great format to showcase products like appliances, dietary supplements, home improvement items, and more that viewers can see in action or learn about in detail.
  2. Sales Videos: Companies use infomercials to boost sales more than anything else. This is true not just for products, but also for services like real estate, legal, dental, and more. The toll-free number allows viewers to instantly call and place an order.
  3. Hosted Talk Shows: Infomercials are often designed as talk shows, where participants can present the features and benefits of the product in a conversational manner. It allows for spirited discussion and a variety of personalized calls to action for the viewers.
  4. YouTube Ad Spots: You can choose to promote your product or company with an online infomercial that runs on YouTube or any other streaming platform for that matter. This is an increasingly popular avenue to display commercials, especially as skippable in-stream ads. These can play at any point during the video and you’re only charged if the viewer watches 30 seconds or more of the ad or clicks on your link.
  5. Testimonials: Testimonials are a popular segment in infomercials, where happy customers can talk about the product and advocate it. Brands may also line up industry professionals, such as healthcare experts, to either vouch for the necessity of a product like that or the product itself.
  6. Brand Videos: These help you boost your brand’s visibility. With branded infomercials, your company can set itself apart from its competitors by showcasing its range of products, corporate values, practices, and more. By increasing brand awareness and recall, you can increase sales not just while streaming the infomercial, but later, when customers are ready to shop for your products or services.

Well-produced infomercials can be an excellent catalyst for sales and brand awareness. Here are just some of the results our clients have experienced after working with us:

  • Improved Sales
  • Increased Leads
  • Higher Engagement
  • Higher Revenue
  • Broader Reach
  • Greater Brand Awareness
  • Increased Brand Recall
  • Increased Online Traffic

Check out our portfolio to see our work first-hand or review some of our customer testimonials. Schedule a consultation to see how a leading infomercial company can help achieve these results for you. We are an Orange County video agency, but you don’t have to be local to Orange County for us to work with you; we offer a range of remote video services as well.

Why Videos Are an Excellent Investment

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Brands across industries and regions have consistently seen video perform much better than any other form of content. After all, you can hardly demonstrate a product in action or entertain audiences with a talk show via print, can you?

According to Wyzowl, 96% of people have watched a video to learn more about a product or service and as many as 84% of them have bought something after watching the video. In a study by Oberlo, 91% of consumers stated that they’d like to see more videos from brands, and according to HubSpot, videos far outstrip any other content medium when it comes to ROI.

Expand your reach and grow your revenue with top-notch infomercial production with experienced video professionals.

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