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Some of the most effective videos promoting your business are the ones that feature you, your staff, your products, and your location. You can record that video without hiring a camera crew to travel on-site with a production company that specializes in remote video production.

Remote video production became hugely popular during the pandemic and continues to remain in high demand as more people work from home now. Our remote video services include sending production drop kits with a high-definition camera, tripod, light, and microphone to record at your location, along with direction from us over the phone. We can remotely conduct interviews and record voiceovers, directing everything over a video call. We can create great-looking motion graphics and procure stock footage as further enhancements. And once we have the footage, our editors will compile it into a professionally finished video.

Remote video production services are a great choice for businesses looking to promote their products and services and achieve cost-effective investment returns.

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Our Remote Video Production Services

To help your business stand out from competitors in an increasingly virtual world, it’s crucial to stay on top of new video production technologies and trends. The emergence of remote video production has opened the door to new possibilities.

As Orange County’s top video production company, 336 Productions can help you build brand recognition by producing memorable, high-quality marketing videos. We’re always looking for innovative ways to bring your brand into the future. Remote video production opens the door to new opportunities for video content and gives companies more flexibility in capturing that content.

Types of Remote Video Production

You Shoot, We Edit – Production Drop Kit

  • If you or your staff are comfortable with easy-to-use video equipment, our team can send you a production drop kit. These include a quality camera, tripod, light, microphone, and other equipment to record the video yourself. This can also include microphones specifically for recording voiceovers.
  • This is a great way to get footage of your products, your location, or your staff at work. It’s a viable alternative to hiring a camera crew or flying a crew out to multiple locations across the world or country.
  • Our team can help direct the recording as your remote video producer through a video call, teaching you how to use the equipment and helping to ensure that we get the best shots and audio quality.

Smartphone and Computer Camera Footage

  • As a flexible OC video agency, we can even take footage captured from your smartphone or computer camera and create a branded, professional video. This can include video conference recordings as well.
  • We can consult with you on best practices for recording to make sure the footage is in the right specs.

Screencasts or Screen Recordings

  • Another common type of remote video production we work on are screencasts where a recording is taken of a computer screen, showing all the scrolling and click-throughs. These are often used for how-tos and software explainers.
  • Most times, these videos include professional voice-over. 336 Productions has you covered here as we have the capabilities to cast, hire, and record with professional voice talent.

Stock Footage & Motion Graphics

  • Motion graphics are a kind of animation that’s great for explaining things, especially how your business, products, and services work. We can create motion graphics as part of our remote video services to enhance the production quality of your corporate video project.
  • We have access to a huge stock image and video library that can be used to enhance your videos. Stock footage isn’t specific to your business, but it’s less expensive than recording new footage and looks great.

Outsourced Production

  • We’re happy to take and edit video footage from other videographers or production companies. You’re welcome to hire a local videographer or even collect footage from multiple sources. Once you’re ready, send it our way for a cohesive final cut.

Benefits of Remote Video Production

In addition to cutting down on production costs and streamlining logistics, a remote video production model can be the perfect solution for teams spread across vast geographical areas. Other benefits include:

  • Cuts back on production costs
  • Allows you to invest more resources into visual effects, audio, and editing
  • Allows for increased scheduling flexibility
  • Allows you to work collaboratively with team members and talent, even if they are located far away
  • Enables remote video producers to consult and oversee the process
  • Brings your project to completion more quickly, so your team can focus on other pressing business matters

Increase Revenue with Remote Video Production Services by 336 Productions

Our team of experienced, highly-skilled remote video producers can help you produce high-quality brand videos that will help to increase conversions, drive higher sales, and effectively engage new customers. Marketing videos should be a key component to your digital marketing strategy, here are some reasons why:

  • 91% of businesses use video marketing as a tool to drive sales
  • 89% of businesses using video marketing report that it increases ROI
  • 88% of shoppers report that marketing or product videos have convinced them to purchase a particular product or service
  • Effective marketing videos can increase your business’s conversion rate by up to 80%

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