How To Generate Leads Using Video

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You want more leads, of course. Well, funny thing, because your leads want high quality and compelling Videovideo.

So you’re in the right place because we specialize in making brand and corporate videos that get you more leads!

Some Facts About Video Marketing To Get Your Gears Running

By 2018, video will be the reason for 80% of all web traffic. Some experts suggest this may even increase! Videos do influence purchase decisions of B2B buyers as nearly 72% watch videos before making a purchase.

Not to mention…using video for your brand’s marketing can actually help you meet other great marketing targets, like customer engagement, retention, conversion and SEO!

Video Excellent At Generating Leads BUT The Right Approach Is Important

Yes, leads can be generated with the help of video in many different ways (An Example: Lead Capture Initiative). To ensure a successful campaign however, taking the right approach is equally important, if not more.

The following are 5 incredible ways by which you can use video marketing to generate leads!

Approach #1: Pre-Roll

This involves an email gate or full form to immediately open after the viewer clicks ‘play’ on the video.

When to Use It?

A pre-roll lead capture can be used when the value of video is very clear to viewers – even before watching or playing the video content. For example, you make a video giving the viewer some kind of free or helpful information that they might normally have to pay for, but you say, “if you give us your email we’ll give you the information free, in a video.”

Approach #2: Teaser

This lead capture is typically shown to build interest of viewers, by showing them only a clip of the entire video. After the teaser, a full form or in-video email gate is usually offered.

When to Use It?

This approach should be used only when you are able to easily explain the video’s value to audience in the brief portion of video content. An example of the teaser lead capture is the webinar video.

Approach #3: Post Roll

This lead generation approach is often used after the video finishes playing. It’s the Call-To-Action button that compels viewers to take desired action.

When to Use It?

The CTA is an excellent button that is added at the end of videos to encourage viewers into taking desired action. For instance, you can encourage your viewers to sign up for a demo of your service or register for an up-coming event.

Approach #4: Parallel

This type of approach is when the video is played alongside a form.

When to Use It?

This approach of lead generation should be used when the offer and video content relate with each other, but filling the form isn’t important. The video can play even without having to fill the form.

Approach #5: Redirect

This approach simply involves directing the viewer to another area of your website’s landing page. Viewers can also be redirected to an entirely different page – which opens up the next action for them to complete.

When to Use It?

Video marketers usually use this lead generation approach to send viewers automatically to another piece of content (either text or video). This is done to reduce chances of drop-off rates. An example is redirection viewers to your campaign’s promo video.

Making high quality videos will help when it comes to lead generation. Making high quality videos that resonate and engage your viewers and target audience will work even better! Learn how 336 Productions can help you with that.

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