Unfortunately, creating a brand identity isn’t a one-step process. Once established, there’s no guarantee that a business won’t outgrow its brand—and when that happens, it becomes a problem that could potentially derail your business.

Here are a few signs this might be happening to your brand and how you can take steps with the help of a video production company to strengthen your brand image.

Signs of a weak brand

There’s a lack of vision

A vision is a driving force for a brand’s growth and the lack of it can affect audience engagement and drive sales to the ground. If your brand’s vision is unclear or isn’t in line with your organizational culture or the products and services you showcase, it won’t sit well with the audience. In addition to that, this will demotivate your partners and employees who are the biggest assets of your company.

Your brand lacks consistency

No matter how diverse the products or services under your wing are, they should be consistent with the vision of the brand.

For instance, if your brand stands for the protection of the environment but your beauty products are animal-tested, it will cause the audience to lose faith in your brand.  

Consistency also comes from the color scheme, logo placement, and packaging—and the purpose of it is to help the consumers instantly recognize and distinguish your brand from your competitors.

Your brand elements are unprotected

Picture this: Your business is doing great and you’re a week away from launching the new prototype of a product that’s nothing like the market has ever seen before, but two days before the launch, you find out that you’re unable to do it because you didn’t register for a patent for the product or a trademark for your brand.

As painful as the thought of it is, it’s not too far from the truth. By protecting your brand’s logo and name, you are keeping your products and designs safe from being replicated. This will strengthen your brand’s image to a great extent.

The solution

If your brand is struggling to establish itself as a leading contender in the industry and has the telltale signs of a weak brand, a sure-fire way to climb out of the rut is through a corporate video.

We believe that seeing is just more of believing and that’s exactly what corporate videos are designed to do. They strengthen the audience’s faith in your brand and improve its reach by conveying your mission and vision through visual communication.

From talking about real stories that connect with people to targeting an audience that needs a nudge to believe in your brand, a corporate video is one of the best marketing tools to help you take the first step toward rebuilding your company’s image.  

If you’re looking for experts to help out your brand, get in touch with our leading business video production services.

336 Productions is a video production company serving clients in Riverside and specializes in video production, brand videos, and promotional videos. Make a mark in the industry with the help of our services!

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