The 3 Best Ads of Super Bowl 2019

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Here’re our top picks for this year’s Super Bowl ads.  

“Not Everything Makes the Cut” – Amazon

After their 2018 Super Bowl success with “Alexa Loses Her Voice”, Amazon returned this season with another hilarious advertisement. Featuring a surprising crossover of the Broad City crew and Harrison Ford, this was a crowd-pleaser that focused on Alexa-powered devices that couldn’t work out.

From a dog collar that led to an insane amount of food ordering (by the dog!), and a hot tub installation that ended up with the occupants hurled outside once the music started to play and created gigantic waves, it’s a hilarious depiction of unconventional adaptations. And of course, having celebrities like Forest Whitaker, Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson, and Indiana Jones himself all fall victim to these mishaps was a fun sight to watch!

“Joust” – HBO x Bud Light

With the biggest TV show nearing its final season, a lot of brands have been introducing Game of Thrones related themes in their marketing strategies. The Bud Light and HBO Super Bowl crossover did just that, bringing together the beer company with HBO’s most popular TV show.

The ad started off with the “Bud Knight” preparing to enter a jousting tournament, after putting aside his Bud Light beer bottles. His opponent? Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane! In true GoT fashion, the joust ended in a bloody drama with The Mountain knocking off the Bud Knight (think of the joust scene in season one), and gouging his eyes out (similar to how Oberyn Martell met his fate at the hands of The Mountain).

The icing on the cake was the dragon ascending at the end, leaving the jousting field in flames while the premiere date for the season appeared on screen. The advert proved that sometimes, even the most unlikely collaboration can turn out to be a brilliant marketing strategy.

“We All Win” – Microsoft

Microsoft’s advertisement about their new Xbox Adaptive Controller featured young gaming enthusiasts with limited mobility. As part of their commercial series that first began in November, the Super Bowl ad saw the gaming adventures of Owen.

Diagnosed with Escobar Syndrome, the young gamer tried out the accessibility-focused Xbox Adaptive Controller, while talking about his love for video games.

The ad also featured other kids with limited mobility who shared their own experiences of using the controller, passionately discussing how they could now play much more easily by pressing the buttons “just as fast as the other kids”. Microsoft sure had us teary eyed by the end of their nearly 2 minute long video!  

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