Types Of Videos Your E-Commerce Store Needs

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Imagine, for a moment, that you’re working in a retail store. Customers walk in and they look to you for guidance. You meticulously explain to them the pros and cons of the item they’re holding and why they should buy the specific product, or whether another product would be better suited to their needs. You try to guide them to the best of your capabilities and hopefully, by the end of it, the customer will be walking out the store with a shopping bag in hand.

While an e-commerce store won’t have a real life salesperson helping customers make purchase decisions, it can have something just as good: videos.

73% of people admit to buying a product after having watched a video and 44% consumers say they’re more likely to buy multiple products from an e-commerce store that has product videos. Here are some of the videos you should be making for your online store.

Product Review Videos

Product review videos are one of the most common e-commerce videos. According to Goodvidio, e-commerce sites that have product review videos experience an increase in “add to cart” purchase rate by 74%, with shoppers browsing the website 340% times longer! A product review video can be created by the brand, an expert, influencers, or by the consumers, showcasing their experience of using the product. It helps potential customers visualize what the product will look and feel like in real life.

Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos are another popular type of retail video that can prompt the customers to click on the ‘buy now’ option. An unboxing video shows a new purchase being unwrapped from scratch on camera. It shows what the product will look like right out of the box when it arrives at the customer’s doorstep in a package.

Comparison Videos

Product comparison videos are another great addition to the video content for your e-commerce store. Comparison videos compare and contrast two or more similar products side by side from the same or different brands. This helps shoppers see the subtle differences between the two products so that they can choose the one that’s best for them. Comparison videos are often made by experts or consumers.

User-Generated Videos

82% of consumers rate user-generated videos as being incredibly important for their purchase decision. User-generated videos are created by regular consumers demonstrating or sharing their experience of a product. The reason why many people love these types of videos is that it proves that other similar shoppers have enjoyed the product as well.

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