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Marketing your products or services creatively and effectively is essential to any business’s growth. Many top companies invest millions of dollars into marketing every year, including household names that nearly everyone would recognize.

A great way to stand out amid the clutter of promotional media is to use video marketing. Videos are a very versatile tool that can help you effectively communicate any message, engage any audience, and perform well on nearly any platform.

Here, we’ll cover a few creative ways to market a business or product, including through video content.


The Need for Unique Marketing Strategies

Every business must have a unique marketing approach customized according to its brand, public image, and values. A unique marketing strategy helps outline your company’s objectives and identifies your target audience and how you plan to contact them.

Popular ways of sharing marketing content are:

  • Advertisements
  • Blogs and articles
  • Social media posts
  • Static visuals, such as images and infographics
  • Audio-visual media such as videos

Only the last option allows you to engage multiple human senses and weave a longer narrative while still retaining audience interest. And while videos are popular, there are a number of ways you can innovate to connect with your prospects through this medium.

Creative Video Techniques to Market Your Business or Products

Man filming a performer for a creative product video

Marketing through videos is one of the most effective approaches companies can employ. There are multiple ways to market brands using videos, depending on the goal and overall business strategy. Each type of video serves a particular marketing purpose. Here are just some of the options at your disposal.

1. Brand Videos

Brand videos provide an insight into what the company does, its mission, and how it differs from competitors. It’s also a creative marketing opportunity for the business to share more about the founders and individuals in the company, as well as the values and culture that make it unique.

This is a great way to have your target audience connect with you at a deeper level than a typical seller-buyer relationship. If they identify with your brand’s values at a personal level, it can create a foundation for lasting brand loyalty. 

2. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos, while quite popular already, still offer you tremendous scope for creative product marketing

At its heart, an explainer video lets you inform and educate your audience about a product, service, or idea. You can use creative script ideas and engaging storytelling devices, such as episodic social media shorts and influencer tie-ups to increase interest in your brand and products.

3. Product Demos

Product demos or demonstrations are exactly what you think they are: a walkthrough of your product to showcase it in action.

Product spotlight videos are quite commonly used video tools. Product demos though, are less common and a great way to showcase your product’s benefits, while also educating people on how to use them in practice. It’s also a creative way to go about marketing your product if you’re in a niche or technical space that requires a little bit of customer education to help familiarize them with your technology.

4. Case Study and Testimonial Videos

It’s all well and good promoting your products yourself, but it can sometimes come across as a bit one-dimensional as marketing tactics go. You might want to present your customers with some third-party validation.

This is where case study and testimonial videos come in. The former lets you present a use case for your product, giving your customers an idea of how it would perform in a real-world environment. 

Testimonial videos allow you to showcase positive customer experiences with your product. They let your audience hear from your product users directly and provide some independent advocacy for your offering.

Together, these let you tap into the human element of your company and allow for creative product and business marketing. When you appeal to the emotional senses of people, you can make a powerful statement and gain a lot of traction.

5. SFX or Animated Videos

Another engaging form, animated videos use audio-visual cues to create something aesthetically appealing and can be used for multiple purposes. They allow you to portray ideas or concepts that may be difficult to create via conventional filming. 

If you’re attached to live-action, however, you can also leverage techniques like special effects (SFX), or motion graphics. These include visual illusions or tricks to elevate a scene or add a surreal element to it that enhances audience engagement.

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