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You can increase your email click-through rate by 300% and drive revenue growth 49% faster by marketing with video content. More businesses and companies than ever before are tapping into the wellspring of potential that video marketing has to offer.

Here, we’ll cover ways video marketing can generate leads and boost sales for your business.

1. Videos Help With Brand Recognition and Recall

Videos inform the audience what your brand stands for, the services it offers, and the story behind the formation of the brand. They also help build a connection with your target audience. With conscious shopping on the rise, consumers are looking for brands that espouse their own values. Videos are a great medium to convey your brand’s message and can help build a positive brand perception. Effective video marketing can generate more leads and even forge lasting loyalty among your customers. 

Some of the most impactful brand videos have an emotional tone that resonates with the consumers and helps them remember your brand. As a result, it increases brand recall, and potential customers turn towards your brand when they need something you offer.

See the 336 Productions Portfolio for samples of videos made to boost brand recognition.

2. Video Marketing Helps Attract Traffic

Videos are an excellent tool to improve SEO and therefore, your online visibility and digital footfall. Search engines like Google understand that videos are a highly engaging medium preferred by users and tend to favor video results to a certain degree. As a result, videos embedded in your website’s pages can boost their search ranking and attract more traffic. The same goes for videos on your ecommerce pages and social media to attract more viewers there as well.

One simple trick to improve traffic and lead generation with videos is to embed them above the fold on a web page to increase conversion. Consider adding subtitles to your videos; the text can be indexed by search engines and ensure your videos are delivered more contextually to search users.

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3. It Helps Capture More Leads

Video marketing boosts both reach and sales. Videos tend to engage customers much more effectively than text or static images. This allows for greater interaction with your brand, including signups and direct sales.

You can also use the increased traffic on your website to gather customer contact information to send promotional emails and messages. In this sense videos are a powerful lead generation mechanism. The captured information can then be categorized in a central database and funneled into your CRM system.

4. It Helps Qualify Leads

Video helps engage leads and potential customers. You can then qualify these leads with marketing automation determining how “sale-ready” they are. Automation software will check how often the potential customer has visited your website, how many items they have viewed, and what content they downloaded.

Automating this process helps improve accuracy, build in personalization, and increase customer lifetime value. By combining the efficacy of both video and automation, you can generate leads, retain your customers, and level up your whole marketing operation.

5. It Helps Boost Sales

Apart from helping to capture more leads, video marketing can drive direct sales. Tactics such as plugging your products into your social media videos can help funnel traffic to your online store. You can also partner with influencers via live streams or video advertisements to generate buzz and boost sales. 

You can also offer in-video purchases via direct or affiliate links so that viewers watching a live stream or video promotion can directly buy the product being talked about.

Hire a Professional Video Production Company

A professional video production service can prove key to your video lead generation efforts. They can help you develop a storyline and storyboard based on your vision and ideas. They are also equipped with the right tools, editing software, and resources to create engaging video content. In addition, they will be able to create high-quality footage, images, and product descriptions that will help your viewers see your brand in a new light.

If you’re ready to shoot a video for your company, get in touch with Orange County’s leading video production company, 336 Productions. We are an award-winning company helping people create professional and commercial video content. Whether it’s event promotions, corporate videos, trade shows, or scriptwriting, we offer everything under one roof.

Check out our portfolio and customer testimonials to learn more about us. Reach out to us to see how we can take your video lead generation and sales activities to the next level.

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