Social media is the new tool that people are using not just to entertain themselves, but also to promote their businesses. From using their cell phones to going big scale and hiring video production companies, people are exhibiting their talent on TikTok. The app can be educational, promotional, and entertaining, so why not try a trend from each category this year?

Continue reading to find out the latest trends on TikTok that you need to take active part in.

Boo Your Friends with the Ghost Trend

Don a white sheet from head to toe, cut eye holes in it and voila—you’re now a ghost. Recently, the world saw a rise in the ghost trend near Halloween, and we’re all for it even now.

October is approaching and it’s time to get the festivities started by bringing back the ghost trend. You can even pair it with funky shades and a hat to match.

Does Your Pet Understand You? 

Have you ever ranted to your pet and wondered whether they understand you, or if it’s just gibberish to them? Now is the time to test them and reveal the answer as shown in TikTok videos.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Spot your pet and go near them.
  2. See if you have their attention and start speaking random words that have a link with them.
  3. Food, walk, rub, park, treat, and goodboy are just some of them. Throw these words in a loop in a meaningful sentence.
  4. See if their ears perk every time their favorite word is said. Now you know whether words have any impact on them or not.

Go on, try this now!

Join Booktok and Explore Books

Who said a social app only has to entertain and can’t be educational? With Booktok gaining popularity with every passing day, we’re sure many people are reading and discovering new books.

Join Booktok, which is a trending part of Tiktok, and talk about your favor on authors there. Not only will Book let you explore hundreds of exciting new books, but you can also recommend your favorites to strangers.

Booktok is becoming so big that authors and publishing companies are now set on promoting their releases on the platform and hiring bookmakers to help them too.

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