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If you’re new to video marketing and haven’t started yet, this is your cue. With traditional marketing going out of fashion and video marketing skyrocketing, video production companies are helping businesses get the highest user engagement. 

This is especially true for consumer industries like fashion which are usually the first to adopt newer, exciting trends. Brands in this space have to contend with cut-throat competition and experimenting with their outreach strategies is often the best way to survive. Given the popularity of videos compared to other mediums, it’s a no-brainer that you invest in it to engage your audiences and attract customers.

This guide will explain the main concepts to help you create a fashion marketing video for your brand, regardless of your skills and experience.

Set Goals for Your Video

The first thing you need to do is to set out your video and business goals before creating a video strategy. Initially, you need to decide what you want to communicate to your audience and how. You may have to create a video for each phase of the marketing funnel. This is important because your messaging will change depending on whether your audience is completely unaware of your brand, interested in making a purchase, or an existing customer that might make a repeat purchase.

Determine Your Target Audience

The main thing to do when creating a fashion video is to detail a buyer persona for your brand. Developing the buyer’s persona is usually done when a business markets a product or service. Targeting your message to the people you want to buy your product helps them understand what your brand offers when they watch your video. Therefore, it’s important to identify your target audience so that you can develop the product/service they need.

Which Story Do You Want to Tell?

Choosing what story your video will tell can be fun, interesting, and also the most difficult part. You need to keep these elements in mind,  as they will help you create your fashion marketing video’s basic framework:

  • The viewer should line up with your target demographic
  • Your customer’s pain point
  • How will you introduce your product/service?
  • How will your product/service solve the problem?

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Consider Creative Requirements

As you create your story, be mindful of the people who will be in charge of approving your video, for example, your marketing department, your manager, and your boss. In addition, consider the time it takes to implement their feedback because sudden alterations can throw your entire production off-kilter. It’s common to experience unexpected changes, so you must stay prepared as you produce your fashion marketing video.

Keep a Realistic Budget

Yes, marketing strategy and creative planning are important, but let’s face it, cash rules all. It won’t be possible for you to get exactly what you want without a proper budget. Carefully plan for the current resources and money. Know what you’ve to create or shoot. Will it be an in-house project, or will you have to outsource a video production company?

Bear in mind that you might need money to produce and promote your video. While a high-quality, viral-ready video is a must to impress your prospects, you also need to ensure they watch it in the first place. Calibrate the budget for your fashion marketing video to achieve the outcome you’re looking for.

Partner With Proven Experts

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