Video marketing can be for any business, any goal, and any budget. Whether it’s your first video ad or your next big promo, video production companies can help you create the right solution. Different marketing strategies work for different social media platforms, but video marketing has been making its mark and becoming one of the most influential ways to attract users.

This blog lists three promotional ideas for your salon through video marketing that you can use.

Tips and Tutorials

Salons are the beauty experts, and they have some of the most useful tips to share. Share that knowledge with your customers and community online through videos and tutorials. Share beauty and skincare tutorials and tips on your social media pages and profiles. Make live tutorial videos to keep the users engaged; you can also invite other beauty experts to participate in your sessions and tutorials. Make it a habit, do it once or twice a week, for example, Monday makeover or Wednesday wisdom.

Live Q&A Sessions

Don’t do all the talking; listen to your users too. Live Q&A sessions and polls are a great way to communicate with your audience and potential customers. Host live Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat stories to interact with the audience.

Try to post them regularly for a more frequent user engagement strategy. Add these sessions in your highlights to help users find what they need whenever they need it. You can answer some of the most frequently asked questions in your sessions to provide more clarity.

Short Teasers

If you want to promote any upcoming special events or discount deals, you can create video content to create hype. For example, if you’ve to launch a new product or have a celebrity collaboration coming up, make a few engaging teasers and post them to create curiosity.

Short teasers will improve user engagement and give you a perspective about your salon’s business, how well you’re doing, your customer preferences, and what your brand vision should be. All of these factors will improve your salon’s ROI.

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