There’s no doubt that video production is one of the biggest cornerstones of your overall content strategy. Maybe you’ve hired a third-party production company to produce your video. Or perhaps, you’ve already let your in-house team put together something for you. In any case, you’ve found yourself at marketing crossroads: Should you outsource your future videos or commit to in-house production?

Well, it’s important to maximize the 8-second attention span of your consumers—and since our brains process video content 60,000 times faster than text, there’s one clear answer: get video services in Orange County.

Let’s look at how outsourcing video production services stack up against its in-house counterpart.

What is outsourcing?

Simply put, outsourcing video production is a process where you call on an expert from outside your business. Today, businesses, both big and small, are well-aware of this concept.

Numerous businesses handle their video production needs through outsourcing. Why? Because it’s a lot easier to hire someone else with resources and experience to do the video production right. This can help you prioritize other aspects of your business, for example, marketing, product development, etc. Here are some benefits you get by outsourcing your video production:

Why is outsourcing better?

  • Easier to do budgeting:With outsourced individuals, you don’t have to worry about social security, healthcare, and the opportunity cost of having employees spend time doing video production instead of focusing their efforts elsewhere.
  • Outside perspective:By using their experience, agencies can tell your story in ways you haven’t thought of as you’re quite close to the project.
  • Used to producing quality products, making revisions, and working with clients:Outsourced individuals can give clarity to your vision and guide you through the process.
  • Experience:Outsourced experts have experience shooting/editing videos for years – or even decades. So, when they do take on your project, rest assured because they bring a decent track record and lots of experience to the table.
  • Top-of-the-line resources:Since agencies are quite competitive, they’re always equipped with all the latest production techniques, software, and cameras.
  • Great if you want something done quickly:Since the reputation of outsourced individuals depends on meeting tight deadlines, getting something done from them on an urgent basis won’t be a problem. And they won’t deny it because who wants to dry up their clientele?

What about in-house video production?

Sure, in-house video production can give you full creative control over what you produce. But is it worth hiring an in-house production team at an hourly salary and make hefty investments in video production equipment, software, and other resources so you can produce professional videos in-house? We don’t think so.

336 Productions’ video production services in Orange County make videos worth paying attention to

At 336 Productions, our video production services in Orange County combine a full spectrum of production and creative capabilities to create intriguing videos that grow your brand.

Contact us now for video services in Orange County, and let us help you with the visual storytelling of the highest order!

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