How Technology Enables 336 Productions to Work Yet Maintain Social Distancing

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This is where technology stepped in to help. Full-scale production companies working with state-of-art equipment, for example, 336Productions, found it easy to exchange human contact and labor for drone cameras and audio-visual devices. This not only allows these companies to stay open for work during these tough times but also helps them do their part in slowing down the spread by minimizing human contact.

Here is how technology is enabling 336 productions and other companies to maintain high-quality work, with minimized human contact, while practicing social distancing and keeping themselves and those around them safe from the effects of the pandemic.

Using Advanced Technology

The best way to replace human labor, as discussed above, is through technology. More drone shots and remote operating camera equipment is being tested and put to use.

On the other hand, to facilitate the use of this equipment, production set-ups are being moved to in-house studios, making it easier for experts to control and manipulate the environments to get the shots and footage needed.

This hasn’t only given production companies a way to operate during the pandemic but has forced experts to look at content production possibilities that they weren’t ready to consider before, greatly cutting down manual labor costs, reducing the production time-frame and maximizing resource capacities.

Heavy Reliance On Post-Production Editing

Since companies like ours are still new to the latest production approaches, there is a heavy reliance on post-production editing to smooth out any errors or bridge any gaps. Not only has this led to greater focus on the post-production phase but has also helped experts drive innovative solutions to newly occurring problems, possibly giving us new and more flexible production strategies to consider and follow.

Heavy reliance on post-production editing has also helped many experts re-strategize time and resources according to the new time frames to make sure that projects are executed in a timely and efficient manner.

Looking For A Reliable And Socially Responsible Company To Shoot Your Videos?

Look no further than 336 Productions!

We are a full-service video production company operating in Orange County. Our specialties include corporate, trade show videos, and branded video content.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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