Do’s and Don’ts of using Animation in your Videos

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corporate-video-in-after-effectsThe last decade has seen a big increase in corporate videos using animation. It’s very common now, and most of the videos we produce have some animations (AKA motion-graphics) in them. Some videos are entirely motion-graphics, like our Profound Logic and RF gen explainer videos.Today,corporate video productions in Orange County and all over the world employ the use of animation.

So, why animation? Well, it can increase the production value of a video, it can make the video a stronger reflection of the brand by creating branded graphics, and it can help to explain complex ideas. Research shows that video animations are the easiest way to explain complex or “boring” concepts to consumers. Animation also increases retention and memory recall in audiences and increases the market reach.

Here are some of the important Do’s and Don’ts for using animation in your videos, specifically all motion-graphic videos:


1)    Make Informative and Entertaining Animations

An animatedvideo should be entertainingwhile at the same time provide credible information to your potential clients. Humor can be a powerful tool, which can lead to increased engagement. Funny and entertaining videos are often shared within seconds of watching and have the potential to reach millions if gone viral.

2)    Be Original

We see lots of companies use stock graphics, or animate clip-art and decks. Sadly, this is common and a no-no. Why? Because who wants to watch that? We create custom graphics to be animated for our videos. This ensures our videos are original and reflect the brand and tone.

3)    Create an Environment

Create an environment with your video that entices the audience to be part of it. The environment should go well with the tone of the script and the mood of the story, as well as reflect the brand.


1)    Make it Long

Make sure that the video is not too lengthy. 60-90 seconds is a good length for an all motion-graphics explainer video. The audience usually starts losing interest when the length of the video is too long and the content is not easily understandable.

2)    Use Cheesy Animations

Just like a live-action video, it is important that the quality of the animated video is of a certain standard. Hire a company that creates contemporary graphics and animated videos to ensure your video doesn’t look like it was produced a decade ago.

3)    Avoid Clutter

Ever watched a video thathas characters or images coming out from every corner? Well, that’s what you should completely avoid! Avoid cluttering the video with too many characters, extra sounds, or over-the-top graphics. It will confuse the viewer and won’t get your point across.

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