Corporate videos are promotional content created to promote a brand, its products, or services. According to a survey, 78% of marketers increased their sales by utilizing corporate videos, whereas 94% increased user understanding of their services and products.

Various corporate video themes can enable you to achieve your objective. Whether you wish to introduce a new product, reach your target audience, or attract potential customers, here are three corporate video themes your business will find useful!

1. Use Storytelling

Storytelling is a great way to interest your audience in availing your services. Create a theme to explain your company’s values, how you value customer satisfaction, and how your products can help your clients. Storytelling will establish a positive vibe for your company, and what better way to relay your brand’s story than by sharing it with a video?

A good story will showcase your company’s identity, influencing your customer perceptions drastically. It’s an effective way to humanize your brand and allow your customers to trust you. Therefore, a corporate video that utilizes a storytelling theme will help businesses build a loyal relationship with their customers.

2. Use Animations

Brands with complex services or products can reach out to their customers through animated videos. Animated videos will cover all complex themes within minutes, helping your customers gain more information about your products.

Create an engaging and powerful animated corporate video to achieve the following results:

  • Attract customers
  • Increase average time-on-site
  • Drive traffic
  • Generate effective brand awareness

3. Educate Your Customers with Tutorial Videos

Educational or tutorial videos promote your brand’s position and identity in a market full of competitors. Teach your customers how to use your products and services by sharing videos. Explain the process step by step and keep the content straightforward to prevent losing customer interest. The key to making an effective promotional video is to relay the message while keeping the video short.

Tutorial Videos

These videos will improve customer experience and enable them to use your services efficiently. Making corporate videos will also help you prevent negative customer feedback and create a positive brand image for your business.

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