Technology has changed all industries, and sports is no exception. While sports rules have remained the same over the years, the way we watch, consume, and analyze sports has shifted dramatically. Earlier, people could only watch matches through television, and that too in poor image quality and unsharpened pixels. Fortunately, advanced technology has enabled sports marketers to influence audiences by captivating their attention with high image and video quality. Here’s how advanced sports videography has evolved the way we watch sports today!

Live Sports Broadcast

Live sports first hit television screens on May 11, 1939, in the USA. NBC broadcasted a college baseball game between Columbia Lions and Princeton Tigers. Initially, sporting events were only shown live in individual markets as not everyone owned a television back then.

Videotape Recording

Videotape recording was introduced in the 1950s until which people enjoyed live sports broadcasting. Later on, powerful zoom optics succeeded multi-turret lenses, allowing a small team of camera operators to record sports action by connecting a cable to their OB truck. Back then, filming sports and delivering close-up coverage of the matches were difficult to achieve compared with today’s tools and techniques.

Virtual Reality

Today’s new-age sports videography has allowed fans and players to experience real-time live match updates. Virtual reality is one breakthrough that provides fans with a unique experience when viewing sports. Individuals who can’t go to the stadium and feel left out can watch the sports through virtual reality techniques!


Tech Upgrade for Reviews and Replays

Even though the review and replay option has been around for a long time, advanced videography techniques offer a major upgrade to various sports. Earlier, umpires could only rely on a single camera to review their decision. However, these days a single action can be replayed at different camera angles, using slow-motion and on-field mikes.

Advance Video and Sound Technology

Watching sports on television or any online platform is quite different from what it used to be years ago. Today, sound quality and picture clarity allow fans to view games in HD. Effective videography can now record even the minutest of details on the field.

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