We no longer live in a world that solely relies on TV commercials, billboards, and live marketing strategies. But what makes video marketing so powerful? What makes it a great tool for brands to establish their name in the digital marketplace?

We answer all of these questions below.

Videos Help Build Trust

Let’s say you’re a new company that advertises its brand on social media. You write a LinkedIn or Facebook post to connect with others.

Your post garners attention from a few potential customers and business partners. But they’re not willing to trust you.

Another survey conducted and published by Eyeview Digital shows that that linking videos to social media pages can help brands improve their conversion rate by 80 percent.

Consumers trust video content more because they’re able to see what the product looks like. They know what type of services they can expect from the brands they want to invest in.

Furthermore, 6 out of 10 people admitted they preferred video content to TV.

Videos Are Easily Accessible

According to Pew Research Centre, 77% of Americans now own a smartphone. This means that more and more individuals use their smartphones and mobile devices to shop online.

On an average, more than 500 hours of YouTube videos are watched every day. Video streaming platforms are easily accessible through mobile devices, making video content easily available.

Consumers can watch and listen to content on their phones, laptops, and tablets, instead of relying on television or the radio.

Word-of-Mouth-Recommendations are Powerful

Research shows that 92 percent of people share video content with their friends and family every day.

They rely on video content to connect with loved ones. If your audience likes the content you’ve produced, they are more likely to share it with in their social circle. This allows you to reach out to a broader audience.

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