How To Tailor Marketing For Different Demographics

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A message is only useful as long as it’s relevant, comprehensible, appropriate, and of interest to the audience it targets. Marketing works in a similar fashion and is based on the premise that strategies must be tailored to different demographics. Standardizing marketing tactics over a diverse demographic set will only be a waste of every dollar spent on it.

Targeted marketing is a tried and tested method which is known to reap profits for brands. Customers also tend to show liking for ads and marketing videos that cater to their lifestyle and language. Gone are the days when all the fish could be caught in the same net!

Keeping in mind that demographic segmentation is key; here are a few ways to tailor your tactics for different demographics.

Demographic Vs. Target Market

Even though these two terms have commonly become interchangeable, they’re barely anything like the other. Before honing in a segmented strategy, it’s important to distinguish between the two. Factors such as age, ethnicity, education and the likes fall under the category of demographics. It’s an umbrella term for everyone that falls within the same demographic group.

Whereas, target market is a term that zeroes in on the specific customers that you have been dealing with or can potentially engage in the future. It’s entirely possible that your target market shares the same demographic but belonging to the same segment is not a prerequisite for being a brand’s target market.

Marketing By Age

This is by far the most popular tactic used in the marketing industry. You won’t word an ad or choose a picture the same way for a millennial and a senior hitting 80. This is because both buyers are worlds apart in terms of preferences, abilities, socialization and concerns. What is of tremendous value to an old-aged woman (e.g. adult diapers) may not be of any use or interest to a 25-year old. Marketers need to acquaint themselves with consumer behavior before designing a marketing strategy according to age.

Marketing By Gender

This is another standard on which marketing tactics for all the kinds of genders are divorced. How you approach a woman and how you communicate with a man will be starkly different. The differences may blur out or become less definitive in the case of asexuals but the broader gender categories follow set gender rules. For instance self-grooming, fashion, skincare and cosmetic needs of women need to be addressed differently than those of men. This includes the choice of colors, music, visuals and even content.

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