Videos are a unique way for brands to reach out to their target audience. However, making people sit through relatively longer videos can be challenging. Most individuals lose interest and stop watching if the content is boring or repetitive. Here’s how you can produce high-quality videos that also drive views!

1. Be Original

Ensure that your video content is creative and original. Avoid copying others’ ideas; instead, consider the types of commercials that get the most views and ensure no other brand has covered the same perspective before.

2. Plan It Out

Before starting the filming process, write a script and conceptualize your idea. Create b-roll shots, so you have extra content during final editing.

3.  Choosing Video Subjects.

Be selective when hiring actors for your video and set high standards. Choose someone who delivers dialogues naturally. Actors should memorize lines and not become stiff once the camera is rolling. Have them rehearse several times to prevent multiple takes or mispronunciation.

4. Set Up Lights

A high-quality video is neither over nor under-exposed. It has just the right lighting to prevent unwanted shadows. Illuminate your video subjects with a three-point lighting setup from various angles.


5. Use a Tripod  

Tripods help to keep your videos stable. Get a tripod stand to improve the overall quality of your videos, making them look professional.

6. Implement the Rule of Thirds

According to the rule of thirds, split your video into thirds: off-center, vertically, and horizontally. Doing so will create life and movement in your shot, which a centered shot would not!

7. Align the Flow of the Video

The video’s pacing, structure, and tone must have an emotional and effective influence on your audience. Convey a compelling story and build drama and tension to keep your audience hooked till the end!

8.  Optimize Your Video For The Platform.

Each platform requires different specifications. Whether you’re creating a video for YouTube, Facebook, or a website, be mindful of the platform. For example, use captions for Facebook videos as most individuals watch them with turned-off volume. For YouTube, ensure the first thirty seconds of the video are interesting to make it count as a view.

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