According to research, video content represents over 80% of internet traffic. In addition, video content results in greater audience reach, engagement, and retention, thereby maximizing conversion rate and profit.

As leading businesses partner with professional video production and marketing companies for help, the industry has become more competitive than ever. Brands that fail to produce brilliant video marketing content not only notice a decline in Key Performance Indicators (KPI), but also witness deteriorating brand identity and growth.

Amid this cut-throat landscape, green screen videos have emerged as one of the most effective and popular tools to create powerful and engaging brand videos. Leading U.S. businesses—including Tesla and Apple—have produced immaculate green screen brand videos that have impacted their overall metrics and brand identity.

We’ve rounded up some green screen tips to help you leverage the technology for a cost-efficient, effective, and seamless brand video that grips audiences from the get-go.

1. Don’t Overlook the Importance of Lighting!

While you may think embarking on a green screen project requires minimal preparation, the reality is quite different.

While green screen technology allows brands to create a powerful video without shelling out thousands of dollars, it still requires sufficient aforethought and preparation.

For starters, you need to invest in strong lighting that makes your screen appear creaseless and vibrant. In addition, adequate lighting will also complement your actors, thereby making the project appear eye-catching and clear on camera.

While your lighting should be strong, we recommend taking extra care to prevent harshness. Aggressive lights could result in hot spots and unevenness that affects the quality and precision of the project.

Opt for soft and consistent LED lights that produce minimal heat yet provide sufficient glow.

Pro tip: If you have a bigger screen, you’ll require more lights. Get in touch with video production professionals to determine the ideal number of lights for your personalized project.

2. Use Props to Bring Your Green Screen Video to Life

Add depth, dimension, and dynamism to your project by using props!

As long as the color doesn’t clash with the green screen, you’re good to go. Give your actors realistic and engaging props to interact with to create harmonious activity that makes your video stand out. In contrast, letting your actor monotonously read a script while standing motionless is very likely to put audiences off.

Urge them to walk around and use the space efficiently. Create interesting scenarios to illustrate your story and pique audience interest and curiosity!

3. Review Your Footage as the Project Proceeds

Track your progress by repeatedly assessing the footage as you shoot the project. This will prevent unexpected shadows and odd placements from rendering your footage unusable.

We also recommend ensuring your subject is at a safe distance from the green screen to avoid shadows and awkward movement that interrupts the flow and vision of the video.

4. Choose the Right Software

Editing is one of the most crucial stages of green screen video production. Choose a multi-functional video editing software with ample features. Here’s some inspiration to help you get started.

5. Reach Out to an Expert Video Production Company with Experience in Green Screen Filming

Don’t want to risk creating a run-of-the-mill green screen video? Get in touch with professionals to put your project in good hands.

We offer expert brand video production services in Orange County, Riverside, San Diego, and Los Angeles. With an experienced team that specializes in green screen filming, we’ll help you create a compelling and engaging video that attracts and retains audience attention.

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