At 336 Productions, we offer product photography as part of our production services, helping brands promote their products effectively and aesthetically.  

The purpose of product photography isn’t just to produce beautiful photos; it’s to show your products and increase their value. You get to show their utility, quality, finesse, and detailing. Clients get a close up of what they’re going to be paying for.

It’s crucial to do it right from the get-go. You want to put your best foot forward every time, given that consumers focus heavily on visuals and images. To make the most out of your product photography, be sure you’re doing the following:

1. Opt for a studio over a personal space

It might be tempting to shoot or photograph in your home or office, but sometimes those spaces or backgrounds don’t favor product photography. While people’s faces and backgrounds can be edited, it’s a lot more challenging to stay true to the product with heavy editing. With access to multiple backdrops, sets, and props, as well as greater control over the environment, and multiple tips and tricks that are common practices in product photography, a studio is far more favorable.

2. Focus on lighting for clarity

Studios help provide brighter, more professional lighting that looks more natural and helps lend authenticity to your product. Photographers and videographers can also help you play with shadows and colors, which would be limited without access to studios.

3. Add lifestyle shots

Lifestyle shots are one of the most effective ways to show how your product will look while in use. This not only shows the correct, practical use of it, it also entices viewers into wanting to own the product. It’s a great way to photograph whatever the product might be, whether it’s a sweatshirt or sunscreen. Seeing models and other people using/wearing it lends perspective.

4. Compare for scale

However, lifestyle shots aren’t always possible, in which case it helps to compare other objects for scale. Even if it’s your hand, a dinner plate, or a board, comparing the size of your product can help make it easier for customers to decide whether they want to purchase what you’re selling.

5. Pair and place multiple products

Additionally, you can also place multiple products as is commonly done when showing variation or a combination. For instance, the same design that’s available in four different colors can always be put beside each other to show the complete range, or you can pair a storage box with a matching bottle or bag to show more options.

Product photography and videography are creative endeavors that can be quite fun to work on. Hire our video production company in Riverside to get the best photo and video marketing content for your brand, helping the world see everything you have to offer!

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