Corporate videos are not adverts or movies. They don’t require a star-studded cast or a hundred-page script. They also don’t need a huge budget.

However, shooting a video on budget at the office doesn’t mean it has to be plain and without any visual effects. We live in an age where advanced technology coupled with highly skilled videographers can transform even the simplest of video ideas into creative masterpieces.

Corporate videos need to tell the story of your brand, which is why giving them a cinematic touch can be necessary. If you’re wondering how to do that, continue reading to find out.


Shooting at 30 Frames per Second

Cinematic videos are more engaging and thus, more enjoyable to watch. However, you must be aware of the impact of adding cinematic flare to the videos in order to not overdo it.

Shooting videos at 24 frames per second is a standard practice in the film industry, compared to the 30 frames per second common for corporate videos.

Moreover, compressing images using codec will limit your options in post-production to 30 fps. Shoot at raw 24 fps to boost your video’s quality and so the editing process can be flexible.

Shallow DOF (Depth of Field)

Have you seen movies where an aesthetic scene seamlessly grabs your attention without any dynamic movement or extraordinary shots? It’s called shallow focus and is used in almost every motion picture you see these days.

The trick to utilizing this technique appropriately is using it methodically to create an emotional impact. A great example of effective use of shallow depth of field focus can be found in the Emmy-winning drama, The Handmaid’s Tale.

Color Grading and Lighting

If you’re under the impression that heavy lighting is only for a nighttime shoot, you’re in for a surprise. Color grading and adequate lighting are two very important components of a good video, be it a movie or a corporate video.

Professional lighting can brighten up even the blandest videos. However, you run the risk of overexposure if you’re not aware of diffusion, negative fills, and reflectors.

A video shoot at the officeThese details might seem complicated to you, but for a professional video marketing company, it’s all doable. If you want to make a corporate video of the highest quality, we can help you with it. 336 Productions is a leading video production company in Los Angeles. We offer business video production, brand video production, B2B video production, and more. View our portfolio or get in touch with our team now to learn more about our video marketing services.



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