You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too With 336 Productions!

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Would you rather be told, “You can’t always get what you want?” or “You can have your cake and eat it 336 Productionstoo”? I bet the latter. Of course the latter! Because it means not only do you get the good stuff but you get to enjoy it! That’s what we’re all about at 336 Productions – giving our clients the best video production services AND creating videos that are enjoyable to watch. Your videos shouldn’t just look good, they should do more – they should be entertain, inform and sell.

Video – Can Be Used For A Lot More Than Just Marketing

Yes, it’s true. While video has tried and tested results when it comes to online marketing, have you ever thought about how it can be used to help your burgeoning sales teams? Video can help, A LOT.

Absolutely perfect for top and mid funnel content, video, if used correctly, can attract more customers at a faster rate!

Attract Customers And Engage With Leads All By Using Video

Put yourself in the customers’ shoes for a moment. Imagine you have had your eye on a certain product for a long time. What do you do? Checking out the company’s website is a given; so is watching a few marketing videos.

What will really cement your decision to buy that product is the personalized video, directly received from a salesperson of the company. In it, they’re talking about the product and answering all questions that you had in mind. This engaging interaction is far better than calling, showing a PowerPoint presentation to, or emailing customers that don’t even go through with conversion!

The same can be done by your salespeople. What’s more, with the help of video analytics, they can determine how much and when each lead watched your videos. This will help in creating targeted conversations for each of your customers.

Video – An Excellent Way To Connect Leads With The Needed InformationVideo

Video is more than just for initial interaction with the customer. Sending important and needed information to potential customers about the brand or any related query has become very easy! This helps customers when it comes to making a purchase decision.

The days of sending boring text are over. Send a video case study, a FAQ or testimonial video for better and more informed engagement!

Video Lets Customers Feel Connected With You

Most online businesses make the mistake of forgetting their customers until it’s time to renew a subscription. DON’T DO THIS!

You can help make your customers feel good about choosing your products by sending video content, personalized for them!

Show your customers up-and-coming products and services, answer further questions, or send video content that makes them feel connected to your company. With video and 336 Productions, it’s quite possible to have your cake and eat it too. Just give us a try and see!

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