Professional marketing videos are powerful tools that help you connect with your audience and keep pace with your competitors.

According to research, 72 percent of consumers prefer video marketing over text. This makes professionally made videos convenient and very effective for brands that want to connect with their audience.

This is where video production companies like 336 Production come in.

Here’s why you need a professional production company like ours for your business:


We Turn Ideas into Creative and Effective Marketing Videos

We steer away from boring, cheesy, and clichéd storylines! Our marketing videos are made with expertise, creativity, and a knack for communication: a mix that turns the audience into fans!

We think out of the box and focus on creating the best educational, marketing, and promotional videos.

We Are Great Collaborators!

It all begins with a great idea that can’t be ignored! We take your concepts and scripts, and turn them into professional, high-quality, and engaging videos your audience will feel an affinity with.

We Do Custom Videos

We love helping out in custom video projects. Whether you’ve just finished a script or have come up with a concept, we’ll take it to the next step with our video production. We produce a variety of videos for companies, brands, institutions, and agencies, including company videos, explainer videos, training videos, product videos, culture videos, and more.

We Offer Remote Video Production Services

During the pandemic, we came out with a remote video production service. We have the necessary equipment and capabilities to create cinematic, captivating, and professional videos even from a safe distance! With our help, you can stay at home and collaborate with us—together, we can produce animated and live-action video projects.

We Take You from Concept to Completion

We are all-rounders: we conceptualize, create, and deliver high-quality, emotive, and impactful video content. We’re artists that love coming up with highly-engaging video content that moves people.

We’ll take your project from pre-production and production to post-production in a format that you want.

a camera man holding a professional cameraWe Create a Various Types of Videos

Here are a few types of videos that we produce:

  • B2B Videos
  • EPKS
  • Product Demo Videos
  • Brand Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Commercials
  • Case Studies
  • Explainer Videos
  • Legal Videos
  • Marketing Videos
  • Trailers
  • Web Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Corporate presentations
  • Documentaries

So, if you’re on the lookout for a creative, reliable commercial video production in Orange County or a video marketing service in Los Angeles , you can reach out to us at 336 Productions.

Contact us today.


  • Marlowe Stone

    "Marlowe Stone is the co-owner and co-founder of 336 Productions, a video agency specializing in corporate video production and branded media, producing content for government agencies and some of the world's biggest brands. She oversees the day-to-day operations of the business. Additionally, she writes, produces, and project manages many of 336's projects. In 2022, Marlowe graduated with her Executive MBA from UCI to gain new insights and knowledge. She also holds a certificate in Women's Leadership and Digital Transformation. An Orange County native and mom to two girls, Marlowe is happiest when spending time with her family and friends."

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