Professional video production is at the centre of brilliant marketing. 76% of companies now use videos to attract and retain the attention of B2B customers.

While videos hold immense purchasing power, it’s important to compartmentalize different audiences and target them accordingly. Applying the same strategy to B2B and B2C customers is a recipe for disaster.

B2B vs. B2C: Why Does It Matter?

A lot of businesses tend to have a single video marketing strategy for all customers—consumers and businesses. This can be detrimental as consumers and businesses think differently.

B2B (business-to-business) marketing needs to be logic-driven, whereas B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing works best when appealing to emotions through simple, fun and easy messaging.

As opposed to individual consumers, businesses are already in the game and understand its workings. To win them over, your video content needs to be professional, industry-oriented and feature-based.

Focus on educating as opposed to entertaining.

Read on for five types of B2B marketing videos that will not only boost your brand but also accelerate sales.

1. Videos That Ditch The Sales Pitch

A brand video with a plethora of sales pitches and attention-grabbing gimmicks may go viral and sit very well with consumers but it’s best to avoid this strategy when targeting businesses.

The intention behind creating thrilling video content for individual consumers is attracting their attention. This isn’t the case when it comes to businesses. They’re already watching your video because there was a strong need to. Luring them in with exciting and compelling video content will achieve nothing and they’re likely to click off.

While you should keep the graphics clean and visually engaging, avoid going over-the-top like you would for individual consumers.

2. Videos With Information Galore

Unlike individual consumers, businesses are seeking expertise.

Provide as much relevant information as possible without making the video too long or dry. While you’re targeting businesses, they’re still humans at the end of the day. They may have longer attention spans than average consumers, but that doesn’t grant you the freedom to produce a 10-minute video.  

3. Industry-Specific Videos

While you may not get into industry jargon and trends when targeting individual consumers, this is something you definitely want to focus on when targeting businesses.

Your video should cover all significant industry bases. Offer insider knowledge, if possible, to showcase your expertise and experience.

4. Videos That Prioritize Features Over Benefits

Your B2B video marketing strategy should be feature-oriented as opposed to benefit-oriented. Inform businesses of what you offer, not how they’ll benefit from it—they already know that.

For instance, if you sell fruit yogurt, a feature would mention that the yogurt is ‘packed with protein,’ whereas a benefit would state it will make you ‘more satisfied’.

Avoid resorting to attention-grabbing benefits and state clean and crisp features. Businesses are likely to put two and two together themselves.

5. Videos That Focus on Long-Term Benefits Over Short-Term Satisfaction

Businesses are looking for a long-term investment. While you may get away with a video that focuses on short-term benefits when targeting individual consumers, this strategy is unlikely to work for businesses.

For instance, if you’re selling lotion, refrain from stating the obvious. As opposed to claiming the product will ‘make the skin softer,’ state that it will ‘prevent skin dryness’ in the long run.

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