Color grading used to be a distinct post-production procedure a few years back. However, the distinction between such a video producer and video color graders has become more hazy as editors and software started to catch up with specialized equipment.

When contracted for a project, editors are increasingly required to understand and use color grading. Understanding what it is as well as why you’ll become reliant on it is more crucial than ever.

In this blog, we’ll explain what color grading can do to a video and why it is important.


Build Brand Image and Style

Building a distinctive style that may serve as a trademark for a company’s work is among the most difficult tasks a photographer or an editor must undertake. An editor’s ability to develop a distinctive visual style that viewers can instantly recognize can have a significant impact on the development of their professional video. A crucial part of that procedure is color grading.

Customers or brands will frequently approach you with such a wide range of diverse video projects. Having excellent command of color grading can help you as an editor to work on multiple types of videos belonging to different brands and provide them with excellent content as they demand. For example, a brand that already has a set color grading for their videos will want to stick to it and use the same color grading in their future video projects.

Editing a video

Editing a video

Creates Appropriate Mood for the Scene

Among the most potent tools of an editor’s control is the ability to convey emotion and narrative through their videos. A well-graded video can frequently enhance or even totally change the impression of a narrative in a situation. A video could appear flat, uninteresting, or even jumbled without color grading. As an editor develops their grading skills, they can use color tones to impact the appropriate intensity of any scene. Grading at levels this high can turn a dull video into a magical moment, be it an advertisement, movie, or any other video.

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