Ways To Generate Leads Using High Quality Videos

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This lead capture is typically shown to build interest of viewers by showing them only a clip of the entire video.

After the teaser, a full form or in-video email gate is usually offered.

The teaser can be a short recut of the full-length video or a short scene from the full video.

Post Roll

This approach simply involves directing the viewer A to another area of your website’s ZZ-m- landing page.

A call-to-action button can appear after the video ends, encouraging For instance, youcan encourage your viewers to take viewers to sign up for a the next step.

For instance, you can encourage your viewers to sign up for a demo of your service.


This approach simply involves directing the viewer to another area of your website’s landing page.

Viewers can also be redirected to an entirely different page which opens up the next action for them to complete.

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