Video Talk: 3 Things Online Marketers Can Learn From The Olympics This Year

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Raise your hands if you watched the Olympics this year. If you’re an avid fan, you may have followed the VideoGames from the first day till the last.

Some saw because hey, it’s the Olympics! Most saw the games to watch the world’s best athletes perform in their favorite sports. Others saw, not because of the athletes or the Olympics label, but the stories behind these games.

The Power Of Video – Increased Viewer Engagement And Much More

If you see from a video marketer’s point of view, no other event this year was able to hold quite so much attention and engagement as the 2016 Olympics.

Maybe it’s the power of the stories told in the guise of commercials, fan-generated content and even the actual video footage. A treasure trove of inspiring lessons, dedication and love, marketers can learn a thing or two from the 2016 Olympics.

Lesson #1: Create Your Story To Match Your Brand’s Persona

Marketing isn’t ‘once-size-fits-all’. Far from it. Even if you create a powerful story, chances are not everyone is going to be touched with your efforts. Take P&G for example. This company is HUGE, selling many brands (the list is too big).

Most of Proctor and Gamble’s products are aimed at women. This is perhaps why the company focused on mothers and love for its Olympics campaign!

In direct contrast is Gillette, another of P&G’s brands. With a tagline of ‘Gillette…the best a man can get’, the company didn’t tack Gillette’s marketing at the end of their Thank You, Mom campaign. Instead, a new video was produced that targeted traditional masculine qualities. Do you see the difference? A very different approach was taken to target their audience!

Lesson #2: You Can Relate Your Brand – If Not The Product – With The Audience

In a marketing sense, big events like the Olympics or the Super Bowl are an excellent opportunity for big companies to market their products. You can do the same, BUT, what if your product doesn’t fit into the story?

Take the example of Coca-Cola. The story they spin for selling their “unhealthy” product is friendship and making lifelong memories. Using such positive brand themes has been very much effective for Coca Cola – it can for you too!

Lesson #3: You Can Always Redefine Your Brand By Changing Perceptions

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about the Mini Cooper is, ‘It’s a little car’. But is that all there is to the Mini Cooper? Brands, products, people, can all change as long as our perception does so too.

See this example video. Mini USA showed to the world that their brand is both small and powerful with their #DefyLabels campaign. Your brand may be perceived as one thing but that doesn’t mean you cannot change it! This video offers brands an incredibly powerful message – goals and product lines change, audiences evolve.

It’s safe to say the Olympics this year were a dream come true for not only the winning athletes and nations but ALSO marketers who can take inspiration. Improve your video marketing campaign by bringing 336 Productions into the picture.

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