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Small-to-mid-sized eCommerce businesses often run on a thin marketing budget. Their priority is to maximize their ROI with the funds they have. Video marketing is a great fit for these situations as it can help significantly accelerate the conversion of prospects throughout your sales funnel.

Recent studies support these findings. According to Wyzowl, 89% of consumers have been convinced to buy something after watching a video about it, and 87% of marketers say using video has helped them increase sales. And in a survey by HubSpot, video content was found to deliver a better ROI than any other form of promotional content.

When used correctly, video marketing can do wonders for your sales funnel and create a level playing field to help you compete with larger brands in your space.


Choosing the Right Videos to Optimize Your eCommerce Funnel

It’s important to consider the entire customer journey when creating videos. The kind of video you’d use on a product page is different from what you might use in a social media ad. While the former is at the end of the buying journey, the latter may well be at the very top of the sales funnel. Your video choice should reflect this.

1. Product Spotlight Videos

These help your customers get up close and personal with your products, giving them a sense of what it would be like to own them. Apple tends to use a lot of these to showcase the sleek designs of their latest computers and iPhones. The products are often rotated 360° so that users can see the clean edges and appreciate the finish on the devices.

Spotlights tend to be versatile sales funnel videos that you can use on a product page as well as on your social channels.

2. Product Demos
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These are pretty much a staple of high-tech product marketing and video marketing in general. Sometimes serving as ‘how-to’ videos, they showcase your product in action. Whether your product is an electronic device, an app, or even something like a novel kitchen tool, a product demo is a great way to show customers what it might be like to use the product themselves. It can simplify a technical product, answer a bunch of user questions, and speed up sales, all in one go.

Product demos work great as part of a promotional blog, on a landing page, in your FAQs, and even on your product page to increase engagement.

3. Brand Videos

These videos are ideal for longer sales funnels or spaces where a ‘brand-connect’ is important. Sometimes also called storytelling videos, these help position your brand, give out information about the company, and help build a narrative about why customers are making a good choice by buying your products.

Sustainable retail brands will often employ these videos to showcase their eco-friendly supply chains and positive impacts on associated communities. Brand videos are a great choice for your advertisements. They can also be embedded on your website, sent through email campaigns, or shared on social media.

4. Testimonial Videos

These help you leverage positive user experiences with your brand and products to reel in more customers. It serves as third-party validation for potential customers to see other people endorsing your products. These can be great for landing pages and retargeting campaigns to help give the right push to a fence-sitting potential buyer.

Moreover, testimonial videos bolster trust by showcasing real, satisfied customers. These testimonials present concrete evidence of your product’s value, capturing both emotional and practical benefits. They are key in driving leads through your eCommerce sales funnel, influencing decision-making, and boosting conversions. Leverage the power of customer stories to enhance your video marketing strategy and escalate eCommerce sales.

Power Your eCommerce Sales Funnel With Top-Notch Video Marketing


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