Over the last few years, the importance of video marketing, pushed by social media and the need to stand out in today’s competitive world, has risen considerably. Once upon a time, videos used to be one small component of a company’s larger marketing plan created without much analysis or follow-up.

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Now, however, video marketing has become a multilayered business strategy of its own. Below, we discuss how it can be done right:

Marketing Videos –Knowing Your Type

There are many kinds of marketing videos to choose from; some of the popular ones are:

  • Demonstration videos that focus on your services or products and their functionality.
  • Event videosconsisting of highlights of an event your company organized or participated in.
  • Explainer videos that help people understand why they need your products or services.
  • Brand videos that put the spotlight on your company, discussing its vision, mission, and goals.

Knowing the Purpose

It’s essential that you know the purpose behind the video you’re about to make.

Creating a video is a long process with different aspects to consider. For a cohesive and well-designed end product, each of those aspects should be guided by the video’s purpose.

Here are some factors you should keep in mind.

a) Target Audience

A video for potential customers will look different from a video for current customers. An educational video in New York won’t be the same as a trade show video in Orange County. Streamline the process of making a video by knowing who it’s meant for.

b) Platform

Is the video intended for your social media platforms? Will it feature prominently on your website? Where and how the video will be shared will allow you to adjust it accordingly.

c) Budget

You’ll also need to create a reasonable and realistic budget for your video, which will vary depending on the video type.

For example, you should budget differently for an event video in Orange County than a product video that can be shot in your office.

d) Due Date

When you have the other factors in place, set a due date for the launch of your video. This due date will be used to create a timeline for your project.

How A Video Production Company Helps

If you don’t have much experience in making videos for your business, now’s the time to bring a professional video production company on board.

Full-service video production companies offer complete solutions that include pre-production, production and post-production services. You can leverage their resources and experience to your benefit, even if you have a dedicated video marketing team.

We’re a video production company in Riverside with nearly 13 years of experience creating a wide range of impressive corporate and business videos. Take your video marketing strategy to the next level by contacting us today!

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