That’s where professional video production companies like ours step in. With years of experience in creating and marketing exceptional legal videos, we’ve developed expert insight into consumer patterns and preferences.

If you’re unsure about the direction your project should take, we’ve broken down five of the most effective ways to create a powerful legal video that will give your firm the recognition it deserves.

1. Focus on Strong Concept Development and Script Writing

While production and post-production are essential parts of creating a winning legal video, it’s ultimately the pre-production process that makes or breaks a project. If you don’t start off with a strong concept and script, the project can take a turn for the worse, resulting in poor reach and low audience retention.

To maximize audience conversion (read: potential clients for your firm), bounce ideas off a professional video production company that knows what sells and what doesn’t. If you haven’t started yet, consulting professionals beforehand is a great idea if you want to take your project in the right direction.

By translating effective ideas into a powerful script that compels audiences to take action, your law firm will reap the benefits of new clients and a boost in reputation.

2. Showcase Benefits Over Services

One of the most common mistakes among conventional legal videos is showcasing the firm’s services. While this is important, the larger bulk of a legal video should always focus on how audiences can benefit from the services.

Instead of stating that you help with lawsuits in your capacity as a personal injury attorney, focus on how you transform clients’ lives by allowing them to seek medical treatment, recoup lost wages, and receive adequate compensation. By putting potential clients in the front seat, you’ll give them a glimpse of exactly what they’ll be benefiting from.

3. Keep Things Short and Digestible

While reputable law firms may want to create legal videos that are packed with information, it’s essential to understand consumer patterns and preferences. With attention spans reducing each day, it’s very unlikely that a long and boring video will sit well with your intended audience. They’re very likely to tune out, resulting in a dramatic loss of engagement that could affect growth and profits for your firm.

Keep things professional while increasing audience engagement and retention by opting for compelling audiovisuals that make an impact. The legal video should be concise to ensure audiences don’t tune out halfway.

4. Prioritize Quality. Ditch Quantity.

While you may be tempted to create multiple legal videos, it’s important to take things slow and focus on quality. A single meticulously-written and professionally-shot legal video can have double and triple the impact. By prioritizing cinematography, graphics, and marketing, you’ll notice a difference in growth and profits for your law firm.

5. Don’t Forget Video Editing!

Finishing the project with strong post-production will ensure that the legal video is polished, ready for the world to see. We’ve narrowed down some essential post-production processes that will ensure that the project is up to par:

  • HD Editing
  • Color Grading
  • Visual Effects
  • Audio Mixing
  • Music Licensing
  • Motion Graphics
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • Keying
  • Video Compression
  • Digital Delivery

Ready to invest in an effective legal video? As one of the leading video production companies in Los Angeles, we’ll help translate your script into an effective video that attracts potential clients and boosts your firm conversion potential.

By using the latest equipment and techniques, we’ll ensure your video is an informative yet stunning audiovisual feast that leaves a lasting impact on audiences.

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