Digital marketing has paced up during the last few years. Visual content has become a powerful tool in creating an effective digital marketing strategy. Typically, a brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text. While it takes more than a minute to read 300 words, your brain can process an image within 13 milliseconds.

In the world of marketing, saying less with a visual can impact your customer more. Incorporating infographics, videos, charts, GIFs, and images has been immensely successful in increasing views and earning revenue and followers. Let’s discuss why visuals are important in marketing campaigns:


Visuals Stick in Long-Term Memory

Visual content is one of the most effective ways to make potential customers absorb and remember your message. Pairing your marketing content with impactful visuals will help ensure that people retain the information in their long-term memory. Visuals are effective because they help people focus and make sense of the content. In turn, it increases the likelihood that the audience will remember your intended message.

People Comprehend Visuals Faster

People can process and respond to visual data 400% more than text. The probability of responding to quality product and event videos increases when the visuals are appealing and engaging. People can comprehend visuals very quickly, and the audience processes information without being conscious of what they are seeing.

Visual Content Can Trigger Emotions

A beautiful brand story, captivating images, and funny memes can help businesses connect to their customers on an emotional level. Visuals cause a faster and stronger reaction compared to words. They encourage your audience to engage with the content, and the emotional responses they create increase information retention.

Types of Visuals in Marketing Campaigns

Visuals are powerful motivators that encourage your readers to engage with your content. You can use a variety of graphic representations to strengthen your information. Here are the three main categories of visuals used in marketing campaigns:


Infographics are long images that present a visual story, a tutorial, statistical data, or frequently asked questions in a graphical way. With infographics, you can cut long descriptions short and make your customer comprehend them easily.


Images are a great source of adding visual appeal to your texts. Captivating images with a larger space of graphics and chunks of information helps ensure information is delivered to customers. Pictures of real customers using your products create a sense of connection, and they can easily relate to your brand.


Videos are one of the most effective tools to present your brand story to the audience. Be it product videos, corporate event videos, or customer testimonials; videos engage customers by pinpointing the problems they can relate to and offering solutions with your products.

A good-quality video with engaging content and eye-catching visuals is important to keep your customers focused. Choosing a credible and experienced video production company that is an expert in video marketing makes a big difference. 336 Productions is an award-winning video production company that is renowned for creating high-quality and engaging products, sales, training, and corporate event videos in Orange County, Las Vegas. We have recently won a Communicator Award for excellent online videos for a client.

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