Most companies know the benefits of video marketing when promoting their products online, but it can also be said that promotional videos can be useful for a better retail shopping experience. These videos are an innovative way of attracting new customers and boosting sales for the business. The best thing about them is that almost every business industry can get its benefits. So, some of these benefits include:

Better Consumer Experience

One of the key factors in the success of any business is to provide a good and lasting customer experience. The experience doesn’t only mean that you’re offering them high-quality products, but it also means that you’re helping them use the product as well. For example, Ikea can use instruction and training videos for assembling their furniture, so when the customer has to assemble it at their home, they can try and remember what the video showed. This enables the company to build trust with their customers and gain their loyalty to come back.

Attracts New Customers

The great thing about video marketing is that it’s one of the best ways to attract new customers. You will also see that many big companies play branded videos in their retail stores as it catches people’s eyes. A very simple example is of a clothing line; for people window shopping, if they see a video of a person wearing an outfit while posing and interacting with things, they are more likely to visit the store and check it out themselves. This was further proven by research which stated that almost 57% of consumers prefer video marketing over image marketing.

Improves Brand Recall

It can also be said that creative promotional videos can also create a better brand recall and message retention for customers that have visited your store. Even if they don’t remember your brand’s name, they can recall it associating it with the video you play at your retail store.

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