Forbes magazine regards a green screen as one of the must-have tools for effective video production. So what is it?

It actually is just that—a big green backdrop. It works when we film the scene’s subject in front of the screen, and then it can be digitally replaced by literally anything in post-production. You can let your imagination take you anywhere with the help of visual effects and green screens.

Who helps you with these visual effects? We do. We’re a professional video production company that offers excellent post-production services to make all your ideas come to life on the screen. Here are a few benefits of working on a green screen with us.

Cost and Time Efficient

Working with green screens is a cost-efficient way of producing high-quality videos without spending a lot of money. You don’t have to travel to different shoot locations with hundreds of crew for a simple shot. You shoot it in front of a green screen, and then have it processed in post-production. Plus, when you’re working in a single location, it lowers the risk of time delays and production times significantly.

Logistically ideal

The level of consistency we get from working with a green screen is unmatched. Production of any media still takes a lot of outside factors into account, such as the weather, time of day, sound, or even location, but when using green screens, we are in control of these factors.


The greatest benefit of working with a green screen is being creative to our full capacity. Creativity comes when you let your mind explore different possibilities, as mentioned in the New York Times.


There’s a wide range of professional videos we can produce through a green screen. We can use a green screen to make promotional videos for all sorts of different businesses and ideas.

Best Branding Strategy

The green screen element adds one essential element to branding. This is consistent branding; we can have a complete series of shots with a green screen in the scene. This enables the constant presence of the business logo to be on the screen, creating a better brand memory for your user.

We’re an experienced production company in Los Angeles with expertise in making branded videos for our clients. We’ve made corporate videos for numerous businesses and hope to make a custom video for your brand, too; you can contact us here.

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