A good advertisement is all about grabbing the attention of your audience and leaving a long-lasting impression of the service or product you’re promoting. One way to do that is to use humor as a marketing tool. Research has proven hilarious advertisements reach a wider audience and people tend to share them more, especially on social media.

However, you have to be careful. Humor is like a double-edged sword, and if the joke misses, your audience will give your product a miss.

Let’s take a detailed look at the impact of humor on advertisements and look at some examples of humorous advertisements as well.


Humor in Advertisements

Laughter is proven to be good for health since it reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. Making people feel good and laugh creates a positive association with the product.

However, as a brand, you must make sure the joke or humor used is appropriate and not targeting a specific gender, race, religion, etc.

Humor in advertisements could be situational, character-driven, or anecdotal. The main aim is to always have the product or service that’s being advertised as the center of attention and the good vibes must be attached to it.

Let’s take a look at some humorous advertisements over the years that became highly popular with the audience.

Nolan’s Cheddar Cheese

This advertisement by Nolan took everyone by surprise, obviously in a funny way!

The advertisement starts with a mouse doing what it usually does, running around in the dark looking for food. It finds some cheese set up on a mouse trap. Not knowing about the trap, the mouse starts nibbling on the piece of cheese until the trap closes and the mouse is stuck.

The advertisement is pretty normal until this point when instead of dying; the mouse starts pushing the trap back up. The message Nolan delivers here is that their cheddar cheese makes you strong.

The twist at the end of the advertisement made the ad very popular and a success.

Old Spice

The deodorant company actually makes fun of advertising with their cheeky advertisements. Most of their advertisements feature a spokesperson that is shown to be perfect and eager to let everyone know about it. He usually calls out the women in the audience, telling them your man could also smell like him with Old Spice deodorants.


GEICO is a car insurance company that often uses humor in its advertisements to deliver an important message to its audience. People often think getting car insurance is a hassle because it’s too complicated. GEICO advertisements include their famous phrase, “so simple, a caveman could do it”.

They might’ve offended a caveman, but they made sure the audience knows how simple it is to get their cars insured from them.

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