man sitting along in a dimly lit movie theater Filmmakers have a way of conversing with their audience through incredible and powerful visual art.

But what truly makes film making amazing is that it goes beyond our imagination. As the story unfolds, it passes through our conscience in ways no other type of art can. It speaks directly to our soul, to our mind, to us, in a visual language all humans understand.

Maya Angelou famously said, “There’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

And for every filmmaker, this rings true. Even filmmakers in corporate video, they strive to tell the stories of their clients.

But more than that, film making is an art that communicates with its audience. It connects with them in such a way that it leaves them mesmerized. It leaves a powerful, inerasable imprint on their minds.

The Hues Of Emotions

8mm film strip hanging in airThink about your favorite movie. What makes it stand out? There’s millions of films out there but only this one stands out to you.


It’s because it speaks to you. It talks to you in a language that does not need words. Take for example, the movie Children of Heaven. It wasn’t shot in English but in Persian. And yet, it was a movie that touched the hearts of millions of people worldwide!

Great films don’t need a language to speak to their audience. They need to be able to connect with them on an emotional level. You love a film because it moves you somehow.  Moves you to laugh, or to cry, or to feel something.

Satiation For The Hungry Soul

A great film satiates your thirst and craving for entertainment. It can have the simplest storyline but it’s because of the way it’s directed that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Think about your favorite films. They probably fit within the confines of a certain genre, and the general stories have probably been told before in other movies.

But it’s the way the stories were designed, created, and executed that made you fall in love with those films.

Powerful And Memorable

Great films are like those incredible dreams that still linger in the back of your mind years later. They’re powerful, memorable, and haunt the inner corners of your soul.

They’re the type of movies you can instantly remember and recommend to a friend. They’re the type of films you’ll never, ever forget.

We’ve been talking about feature films, but corporate videos have the same responsibility to tell a story and execute it well. With one wrong move, you can jeopardize your brand’s image. Leave video production and management to professionals who can help bring your vision to life!

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Marlowe Stone

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