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Brands are in an increasingly fierce competition for consumer attention. To be successful, companies need to rise above the noise and strike a chord with their customers.

A great way to ensure your brand stands out is to speak about its unique values, practices, culture, and history. In short, investing in brand storytelling. Videos are demonstrably the best way to do this since they engage audiences better than any other medium.

According to Wyzowl, 87% of marketers say using video has increased both sales and on-screen dwell time for their website. Studies from HubSpot and Oberl state that, as many as 54% and 91% of consumers, respectively, are demanding more video content from brands.


Why Invest in Brand Video Storytelling?

Quality brand storytelling evokes positive emotions from your audience by delivering a narrative that consumers can connect with. This translates into higher brand awareness and recall, as well as a predilection for your brand over others at the point of purchase.

In general, brand storytelling tends to leave a lasting impression among people and can even help you build a niche among value-conscious shoppers who identify with your brand’s principles.

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Types of Branded Storytelling

Brand storytelling can take many forms, each customized to highlight a different aspect of your company. Here are a few examples of storytelling via brand videos.

  1. Brand History Videos

    These videos often explore the history and unique origins of your brand, including early growth. By explaining the context of your brand’s inception, you can cover the aspects that made the company successful to begin with. It’s also an excellent way to humanize a brand and explain your business to viewers.

  2. Brand Identity Videos

    These encapsulate the essence and core values of your brand and specify a compelling vision for the future. They help you communicate what your brand stands for via storytelling, helping strike an emotional chord with audiences. Well-executed brand identity videos can, in certain cases, help you transcend material concerns like price and shipping by fostering a sense of trust and loyalty among consumers.

  3. Brand Positioning Videos

    These videos help you compare and contrast the value of your company with the larger market. Brand positioning videos typically discuss the attributes and benefits unique to your products over your competitors. You can use storytelling to elevate a typical value proposition, such as by playing on customer pain points or demonstrating how your brand fits into a typical customer journey.

  4. Corporate Social Responsibility Videos

    Discussing your social responsibility initiatives is an excellent way to execute brand video storytelling. You can use these videos to talk about company practices such as sustainable manufacturing and procurement. You can showcase CSR initiatives, such as supporting local communities, advancing social issues, and investing in public projects. This lets the audience know that your company is more than just a profit center and gives them a way to support causes they care about through their retail purchases.

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