Five Industries That Should Use Video Marketing.

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Real Estate

The real estate industry has been revolutionized by the Internet.

Instead of walking through homes, buyers look for homes using their PCs.

Real estate agents have various video options including:

Virtual home tours Agent Profiles Aerial Videos

Non profit

Non-profit organizations can share… inspirational stories through video.

They can encourage donations by showing:

Where the money goes &… how they make in impact in a video.


The manufacturing industry is brimming with possibilities for online videos.

You can create video for:

– Products

– Company Culture

– Services

– Factory Tour

– Announcements


As patients want more education & transparency from doctors,

the medical community is using videos to educate and to introduce doctors and staff to patients.

Videos can be used to market… Healthcare Institutes or Provide Post-Op Instructions.


Banking & finance have all become digital these days. With videos, you can create an emotional connection with your clients so they can trust

you to handle their money honestly.

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