Featured Video: The FFSI Project

By May 15, 2018No Comments

Last year, FSSI, a document outsourcing company offering third-party print-mail services, reached out to us looking for a local video vendor to produce an “About Us” video.  They needed a video that not only talked about their services, but also showcased their culture.  We were thrilled when they selected us as their video partner.

During pre-production, we met with the FSSI team and discussed their vision for the video: their marketing goals, the tone, and the topics they wanted to cover.  We toured theie large facility, and learned more about what they did.

We collaborated on a script and went through many drafts.  It’s important to have revisions on scripts because it benefits the story. Even though the video features interviews, we wrote out all the questions and answers.  During the tech scout, we discussed all the technical details before filming with the cinematographer, producer, and director so they could talk about production logistics. This helped all of us think technically and creatively about each and every scene.  In the end, we decided to use a teleprompter for the interviews. This made the interview portion of filming easier.

The overall production took two days and we had a second camera crew to cover some of the shots due to the large size of their facility and scale or operations. After the shoot, the post-production process went smoothly, thanks to an organized pre-production and production.

FSSI helped us by providing branding guidelines and other marketing collateral so that the final cut reflected their brand.

It was an amazing experience working with a company like FSSI! We love seeing how they creatively added a link to the video on their homepage, a great idea!

You can check out the video here.