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Animated explainer videos have been a staple of companies’ marketing efforts for over a decade now. According to Wyzowl, 96% of people have, at some point, watched an explainer video to better understand a product or service.

Motion graphics explainer videos, in particular, are a very interesting and versatile choice. They help simplify complex information, while offering a very engaging visual experience. Here’s everything you need to know about this video style.

What Is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics — literally graphics in motion — refer to graphic elements, such as artwork, objects, text, icons, and shapes, that have been animated using computer programs such as Adobe After Effects. They often feature professional voice-over, music, and sound effects.

Sometimes also called infographics videos or kinetic typography, the graphics in these videos will often move, transition, and shapeshift in an effort to better communicate an idea.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics is a very versatile medium and can enhance viewer experience in lots of different ways.

1. Highly Engaging

There is a certain energy associated with motion graphics explainer videos that is irresistible. Dynamic shapes and artwork animated to zoom, pop, rotate, and morph across the screen is a naturally captivating sight. The motion imparted to each graphic is meaningful in that it furthers the narrative and the viewer’s understanding of it. All in all, it makes for both an entertaining and educational experience for your audience.

2. Simplify Complex Information

Motion graphics have a tremendous capacity to explain a complex idea or concept in a way that text alone wouldn’t be able to. This is one of its biggest advantages. And it’s particularly true for concepts involving facts, figures, and processes that can be difficult to follow without a visual reference. 

You often see companies choosing animated motion graphics explainer videos to describe technical products or services. These videos are an ideal choice for SaaS products, digital services, and apps, given their ability to beautifully demonstrate the offering.

3. Enhancing the Narrative

Motion graphics videos provide clients and producers with a blank slate where anything is possible. They can take place on the Moon or in a submarine. Creativity has no bounds with motion graphics videos. Tonally, they can be moving, funny, or just straightforward and informative. More than anything, it’s important to take in your goals and audience to craft a compelling script that will speak to the audience.

4. Live-Action Compatibility

That’s right! Motion graphics can also be used in live-action videos — and tend to do very well there when used selectively. They can be used for visualizing data, such as with charts and graphs. You can use them to visually represent an abstract concept, showcase brand logos or screencaptures, provide visual transitions, elevate the production value, and more.

Motion graphics can be part of VFX-led scenes or videos, where they’re used to showcase sci-fi or futuristic elements, or just in aid of special effects to deliver a more immersive experience for viewers.

5. Multi-Platform Utility

Another benefit of motion graphics, and animated explainer videos in general, is that they’re versatile across platforms. They’re great in videos, but also as part of promotion content in static images and gifs, in presentations, on social media, and digital content in general. It’s a very flexible medium that you can use in lots of different ways for corporate communication.

Motion graphic elements

The Process of Creating a Motion Graphics Explainer Video

Animated videos are created differently than live-action ones. With no visual elements captured during production, the visuals have to be designed and animated.

1. Scripting

At the outset, you need a fleshed-out concept and solid script in place. It should give the designers a clear idea of what the scene intends to convey and perhaps some visual suggestions to kickstart the creative process. We use audio/visual scripts, where one column represent the visuals and the other, the voice-over narration.

2. Storyboard or Art Boards

Before creating the graphical assets, designers will often create a ‘draft’ version of the video, with static images or sketches to depict it scene by scene. This will give you a sense of what your motion graphics explainer video will look like when it’s done.

3. Design

If you, the client, are happy with the storyboard, the designers will create the visuals and graphics for each scene using tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

4. Animation

Once the artwork is ready, animators will plug it into their animation software, such as Adobe After Effects, to provide the movement and special effects that add motion to the video.

5. Voice-Over Casting and Recording

A casting call will be sent out to receive auditions for the project. Once the voice talent is selected, they will go into the studio to record the final voice-over. 336 Productions handles all aspects of casting, but allows the client to select the final voice-over artist.

Other audio services are performed as well, including sound effect and music editing and mixing. These audio elements must be given as much attention as the visual elements to ensure all aspects of the video are of the utmost professional quality.

6. Delivery

Your motion-graphics explainer video will be delivered in an HD format, but can be delivered in any file type or aspect ration your distribution channels require. You can give us these technical specifications or we can recommend the best ones based on how you’re going to be using the video. 

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