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Explainer videos are ubiquitous across the internet. In fact, a whopping 96% of people have watched an explainer video to better understand a product or a service. Given their popularity, brands have to constantly come up with new ideas for explainer videos in order to appeal to their audience.

The first key to success is working with a good script. It provides the structure for the entire video and can often be the creative heart of the clip. If you’re a brand or even a video producer looking for the next viral ad or promo, consider working with an agency to develop winning explainer video scripts.

At 336 Productions, we make it a point to look for ideas that click and communicate them with creative flair. The goal is to create videos that entertain and inform in equal measure, resulting in improved engagement and customers for your business. Here are a few selected excerpts from our portfolio to get you started with the ideation process for your explainer video scripts.

1. Put the Viewer in the Customer’s Shoes

When you’re describing a product that offers comfort and an improved daily experience to the user, often the best way to communicate those feelings is to have the viewer stand in the customer’s shoes.

Medelita did exactly this. The company makes tailored, sophisticated lab coats and scrubs for medical professionals. These coats are bespoke, and designed by a licensed clinician to provide superior comfort to the wearer. We communicated these value propositions by creating an explainer video script that directly addressed the viewer and described the sensations they would feel as they wore the coats.

2. Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Fujitsu is a company that has operated on the cutting edge of technology for a long time. With the RFID Gate Self-Checkout, they introduced a solution that was poised to revolutionize retail shopping by allowing them to completely bypass cashier queues.

We felt that a disruptive innovation like that needed a systematic walkthrough that explained how the technology worked for users and retail companies alike. Our explainer video script did exactly that.

3. Personalizing the Target Customer

Some products offer an impressive set of benefits, but for a fairly niche target audience. This was the case with PriceSpider, a company that allows consumer brands to deliver world-class shopping experiences by helping their customers easily access their sales network.

In cases like these, it could be a good idea for your explainer video to make your target customer the focus of the video. Talking about their pain points and how your product directly addresses them is a good way to establish an immediate connection with your audience.

4. Let the Visuals Tell the Story

A fairly common strategy for technical products is to deploy motion graphics videos. The advantage of this animation style is that you have immense flexibility to design different kinds of visuals to demonstrate how your product works.

We leveraged this advantage for RFGen. We wrote an explainer video script where the voiceover complemented the on-screen visuals to tell the whole story. This tactic lets you introduce more information to the viewer in a limited amount of time, helping you work around short attention spans or shorter run times.

5. Problem – Solution Format

Want to make sure you address all of your customers’ pain points? You can very rarely go wrong with an explainer video script that follows a problem–solution format. We produced a series of videos for Neudesic, including this one for their social enterprise software Pulse.

By outlining all the ways enterprise collaboration falls short and how Pulse can be a handy solution to that, we were able to clearly communicate the application’s value propositions.

6. Conversational Explainer Videos

Just because you’re promoting a technology offering, doesn’t mean you have to stuff a ton of industry jargon or technical trivia into your explainer video script. A more conversational approach might work better.

Consider this video we made – also for Neudesic – where the company wanted to advertise a downloadable technology roadmap for companies to plan their future. We opted for a very colloquial voiceover that spoke to the prospects instead of speaking down to them.

7. Experiential Scripts

Experiential services, such as hospitality, are best promoted by showcasing the experience a customer can expect. Ayres is a chain of hotels in California that prides itself on the level of comfort and customer service it provides. We endeavored to craft an explainer video script that would communicate the kind of welcome and convenience that a guest could expect at one of their hotels.

We did this by showcasing the homely ambiance and high-quality amenities on offer at the hotels, as well as the distinctive nature of many of the chain’s locations.

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Partner with 336 Productions for bespoke videos that combine imagination and business acuity to expand your brand’s reach and boost sales. Browse our portfolio to see more creative explainer video script ideas or check out some of our customer testimonials. Schedule a consultation with one of our videography experts to get started with your explainer video today.


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