Event Videos: How the Video Company Works with the Event Company

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Whether you need coverage of a trade show, a conference, or a sales meeting, event videos are one of the most exciting ways to tout the success of an event and/or advertise a product or service.

At 336 Productions, we have covered a number of event videos in Orange County and nationally, that range from trade shows to sports events to award shows.

We know shooting an event requires careful planning and collaboration with the event company. For instance, before the event, the video company should tech scout the area. Hours before the event, preparation time can be used to test audio with multiple microphones in different positions, lights can be positioned, and cameras can be tested to check which one works better for the nature of the event. Preparation is critical in event videos, because events are “live” and anything can happen, so the video company needs to have done their homework and come prepared. With careful preparation, it can be ensured that the end result is something of a high quality, and one that you can use to add value to your business.

Here are some of the things we do to make sure that our clients get the best event videos:

Establish a Minute-By-Minute Schedule

First, we identify the person who is in-charge of the event. With Establish a Minute-By-Minute Scheduleevent videos, we constantly need the support of clients. It is always better to appoint an event supervisor for the video to help our team out through the day. Once we know who it is, we dedicate some pre-production time to create a minute-by-minute schedule with them. We encourage clients to provide us a detailed timeline for the event; this gives us an idea of how the day will flow and serves as the perfect outline to work with. Transport time for equipment is also taken into consideration here while detailing in any special requests.

Knowing Our Spot

Depending on the venue, we may need to move from one location to another while carrying equipment; therefore, we prefer to familiarize ourselves with the location, so that we can gauge the area and secure a location to store the equipment where it can be accessed with ease. At the same time, this becomes as an onsite HQ for our personnel to manage all video and audio recording equipment.

Positioning Camera Operators

Another important aspect is positioning our cameramen. While they do need to be strategically placed to cover the event from all important angles, it is also essential that they do not interfere with the event or goings-on. Ideally, camera positions are established during the tech scout.

Making Sure Everything Is Cleared Out

As event videos are not really recorded in controlled environments, like studios, there is a good chance for onsite confusion and delays. This is why we prefer discussing everything with our clients and team beforehand; this includes technical specifications so that in case of unexpected occurrence, there is a contingency plan ready to be set into motion.

If you are looking for event videos in Orange County, give us a call and learn more about how we can help you today!

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