Creative Video Content Ideas to Promote Your Event

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A creative concept and a strong script are considered key ingredients to a good video. Without the right ingredients, the recipe can produce a video that leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. And when it comes to presenting an unpopular video to tout an upcoming event, it’s not the kind of impression you want to leave.

So, you have an event, and want to build hype with a video?  Where do you start?  With the recipe! You need to make sure you have all the right ingredients to ensure a successful promotional video is created.

If you’re planning to create a video for your upcoming event, here are ways to make your event a success:

Rent a Video Booth

Most people have heard of photo booths but not video booths. Video booths exist and they are much more fun and engaging than their photo counterparts. Guests can step inside and leave a ‘review’ of your event, which can be used for future videos.

This is not only fun, it can also help you identify areas you need to work on, such as how you can improve your services.

This is not something you see nowadays so this will come as a pleasant surprise for your guests. You can even use these videos (with permission, of course) on your brand’s Facebook page.

The Right Length


If it lacks substance, your audience will quickly become bored and move onto something else. There is a common misconception that videos need to be short in order to be engaging. While to-the-point advertisements can be a good thing, good content is king, so let the script dictate duration.

Time-Lapse Video

While nobody wants to know all the intricate details of how you built your booth, shipped products out, flew people there, etc., a condensed version of what it took to make it happen can help capture your audience’s attention.  Capturing the footage one year means you can use it the next to promote the event. Seeing the scenes behind the special event and how the magic was created is something that your audience is always curious about.

About the Company Video

Your audience is curious about your brand. If they are going to invest in your brand, they want to know its history, how it came to be, and what’s achieved so far. It’s a way of openly discussing everything with your audience; your company’s future plans and current plans can help consumers and potential clients see its value and immense benefit to their business.

Businesses use video advertisements as a way to connect with consumers. The last step to take is to hire a reputable video production company. A professional can help make your brand’s personality shine with a powerful, inspirational video that captures your audience’s attention.

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