You can work with our video production agency to design a video marketing strategy for recruiting candidates.

One of the best strategies to hire and retain talent is to seek out individuals that display leadership qualities, communication skills, and hard-skills like research or statistical abilities.

Here’s how you can sift out the best talent using videos:

Explicitly communicate job requirements

Having a clear and effective job posting can be the defining difference between a good candidate and a great candidate. Those looking for work will respond better to job descriptions that are explicit in stating responsibilities, required skills, perks and expected pay. These are things that not only attract candidates but filter out irrelevant or poor matches too.

Talk about your company culture

One of the most effective and succinct ways to communicate who you’re looking for is through corporate outreach videos that share insights into the company culture at your organization.

Have employees and managers share their expectations, experiences, and the nature of work. It’s not just numbers or structures; it’s real people that humanize your company. Have them explain what candidates are expected to do, the kind of people and clients they’ll be working with, what life around the office is like through audiovisual mediums and project yourself as a progressive organization!

Recruit on campuses through information sessions

Campus recruitment is another great way to find interested applicants for your organization. Organize information sessions, where you can share videos and presentations that talk about the company culture and work environment, sharing a trajectory of movement and progress within the company and how students can benefit from their experience with you will connect you with young, enthusiastic and eager candidates.

Use social media

Social media is another powerful recruitment tool that’s changed the way people are hired. 73% of millennials got their most recent jobs due to social media. Create content like innovative videos that will draw their attention, share the information they need and include testimonials from current employees, as mentioned above. Even sharing your brand’s story can be enough of a motivator. Learn more about producing compelling promotional videos for your social media platforms by getting in touch with us!

Don’t just hire the first person that comes your way because you’re looking for people. Use the right strategies and understand that your employees are also an investment for you!

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